Fokker DVII Upper Wing

Discussion in 'Tips, Tutorials & Tools' started by Redwulf, Jan 30, 2006.

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    Fokker D. VII and much, much more...

    Hi Jim, Redwulf and all of you other WW I aces!

    For those of you who are into WW I airplanes, here´s another sister Forum I can really recommend:

    I just became a member. Here´s a lot to learn about WW I aircraft (and their pilots)! "The Aerodrome Gallery" (a member gallery of artworks) contains 251 pictures, showing for example extremely detailed structures of a complete Fokker D. VII or Albatross, or closeups of the Mercedes (D. VII), Le Rhone or Oberursel (Dr. 1) engines! What a gem for the aero modeller!!!

    Take a look - I guarantee you´ll like it!

  3. Redwulf

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    Well, I got back on it some after a long long vacation! It still has some details to be added. The inner struts, the MG's need some barrels inserted. But its coming some. Thought you guys would like to see.

  4. Jim Krauzlis

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    Indeed we do!:grin:

    Looking great! Nice job on the wing tips.

    Looking forward to more when you can.

  5. Bengt F

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    LO! Du doch nicht! Ernst Udet´s Fokker D. VII

    Good work, Redwulf!

    And yes, very nice wing tips. She´s looking very 'scale' out in the bright sunlight. Might I suggest some touching up on the white paper edges..?
    I know it´s not finished.

    Great plane in a very fine colour scheme!
  6. Redwulf

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    Yeah, see the white edges real bad in the pictures. I havent perfected that skill yet! Will try to mess around with them in the finishing touches. The wingtips did come out ok. Not perfect but ok.

    Thanks guys! She will look good hanging in the boys room. Going to build 3 or 4 DVIIs and 3 or 4 Sopwiths. Will hang them in a nice dogfight above the beds! I would have loved it when I was a kid. I'm sure they will too!
  7. Bowdenja

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    Looks great!

    I did have a dog-fight above my bed............ a looooong time ago. My sister now confesses to making them move with a broom stick when I wasn't around. Sure explains why those plastic birds always had small stuff coming off them!:grin: Guess having to put up with me was punishment enough.
    Don't think the wife would like it now though. Hope your kids enjoy it!
    Oh and your model looks way better than those old plastic kits I used some 40 years ago.

  8. Bengt F

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    Boys Never Grow Up . . .

    You´re probably still a kid, Redwulf! - That´s a compliment!

    I love your new avatar!
  9. Redwulf

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    Well, Bengt. I agree. So does my wife!!!!!!!!!!!! She is always on me for my "childish" projects! Except now I'm big enough to make them "BIG" childish projects!!!!!!!!!

    I am getting ready to build a swingset for the boys. I am thinking of building the nose section of a DVII "jutting" out of the tower. Basically cockpit and wings complete with machine guns. The kids will love getting inside up high! I may just build it big enough for me to get in!!
  10. Bengt F

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    Fokker D VII Swing Set


    What a great idea - that sounds really fun!
    Post a picture of it some time!

    Kids are wonderful - I have two daughters, 15 and 12. Little darlings, they are . . .
  11. Bengt F

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    Ernst Udet´s Air Show Fokker D. VIII In Red LO! Colours!

    Hi Redwulf!

    Look what I found, searching the web for larger RC scale models - a fantastic 1/4th scale model of Ernst Udet´s 'illegal' Fokker D. VIII airshow plane, in which he performed after the war, in the fall of 1918 and in the spring and summer of 1919. It was dedicated, as were many of his aeroplanes, to his lovely girl friend, Lola Zink, whom he later married.
    Ernst Udet, btw, is the true ace behind the "Ernst Kessler" character in the movie "The Great Waldo Pepper", starring Robert Redford and the Swede Bo Brundin as Ernst Kessler, the WW I flying ace.

    The aeroplane model:

    And, here´s the intriguing (true) story of Ernst Udet´s life and career as a WW I flying 'ace' up to his tragic end in 1941, under the command of Hermann Göring:

  12. Bengt F

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    Ernst Udet, Lola Zink and The Red Fokker D. VII


    The subject of Ernst Udet is never-ending . . .
    I found another interesting page from Italy with nice profile pictures of your FG model, and a pretty picture of Ernst and his LO!

  13. Redwulf

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    Very awesome stuff. I love reading about these guys. Have you read Rickenbackers personal bio written after the war? You can read the whole thing online if you want. Rickenbacker wasn't a hero of mine growing up. But he has a real storied life as well. Almost equal to Udet.

    Thanks for sharing the links!

    Redwulf :grin:
  14. Bengt F

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    Eddie Rickenbacker - America´s Ace

    Thanks Redwulf!

    Yes, these are fascinating stories indeed. You can certainly learn a lot of history and technology while you build card models!


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