Fokker DVII Upper Wing

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  1. Bengt F

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    Free engine for the Fokker D VII from Paperwarbirds!

    Hi Jim,

    I´m glad you liked my view on how to form the wing surfaces - now I only have to gain some of your skills when it comes to the wing tips (the really hard part)!
    Have you noticed that there is a beautiful ENGINE paper model FOR FREE DOWNLOAD on the Paperwarbirds site for the Fokker D VII?

    Just warm your hands and get yor magnifying glass ready (you might want to reduce the size...)!
    By the way, talking about working with very small parts - here´s another useful tip:
    I use a very handy double magnifying glass "cap", which was recommended to me by a friend who works with tiny silver jewellery.
    Here´s how it works: You just put it over your head and pull it down (even over your reading glasses) for greatly improved micro-nearsight - comes with TWO magnifications, 2,2 and 3,3 X, using a double pair of in-built lenses. All in plastic, very cheap ("Head-wearing magnifying glass P-23" made in Taiwan, no brand). I just can´t do without it now (I´m 52) and it also gives me a very modern "cyber look"!
    I can tell you, a lot of heads turn when they pass by my window..!

    The laughs are on me:grin:

    best regards,
  2. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Word War I Modeling Page

    Hey Redwulf!

    What a very good link - really very useful!!!
    I found my favourite - the Fokker D VIII/E. V monoplane, which I´m building at the moment. Here are colour pictures of the real full-scale thing!
    And, there´s also a very impressive and extensive LINK PAGE:
    how about this one (Fokker-team-Schorndorf/F-T-S.)
    Try it, I know you´ll like it! They´ve even got full scale downloadable drawings/building plans for sale for the Fokker D VII, if you (or Jim!) should ever consider building the real plane!
    In addition, they have 60 sample download drawing plans FOR FREE (out of 200) for the real full scale Fokker Dr 1 Triplane!
    Makes you think - maybe it´s not too late to start studying for a Sport Pilot´s Licence..!
    I´d like to play "Baron Manfred von Richthoven or Werner Voss" and find out really how difficult it is to manouver the Dr 1...
    Have you seen the movie "Blue Max", where a Dr 1 crashes as the pilot tries to fly under a train bridge? Awesome!

    It´s never too late... (only if you´re in a crate six feet under)

  3. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Good one, Bengt!

    I had not considered reducing the free engine model, though you've now got me thinking...could be trouble.:wink: Not sure how much detail I would consider for this scale, but I'm sure the cockpit could use a bit more detail work.

    I use a clip-on magnifier that fits onto my reading has the ability to be flipped up when necessary, and has been my "eyes" for quite a time, now...sad to say.:cry: I couldn't cut a straight line without them these days (turned 50 last September, but the ol' eyes were going down hill for at least a decade before that). Sure, I look like something out of a B horror movie probably, but it helps get the job done.:grin:

    I saw that "build your own" site (actually, they are apparently building one, not sure how far they got), but I doubt my wife would humor me and allow me to start building a DVII in the garage.:grin:

    I saw a show a few weeks ago comparing the DRI to the Sopwith Camel, and they commented not only on the handling difficulties that took a bit to master, but also the line of sight reduction on take off and landing...very interesting, never considered those things before that show. It does make one wonder how these birds were handled by the aces...certainly required quite a bit of skill to last more than a few days, I imagine.

  4. Redwulf

    Redwulf Member

    Thanks Bengt. I have seen the Schorndoff site! I have downloaded the drawings too! I have also been eyeing up some property big enough to put a nice heated "hanger" and a nice grass strip suitable for landing. I only need to talk my wife into it now!!!!!!!! Her hangup right now is only one seat in the DVII!
  5. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Fokker D VII full scale...

    Hey Baron Redwulf!

    I´m sure that the Fokker D VII can be modified into a two-seater (something like the Curtiss Jenny), so you don´t have to leave your wife standing alone on the Flughafen while you´re up in the skies having fun, doing an Immelman dive or a loop...
    provided of course that you´re not a whole-hearted puritan and want your Fokker D VII to be as true to the original as possible?

    However, sometimes you have to make some small sacrifices to get what you want..!

    Bengt :twisted:
  6. Redwulf

    Redwulf Member

    Or I could build two versions! :twisted:
  7. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

  8. Bengt F

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    Artist´s Illustrations and Photos of WWI Warbirds

    Guten Abend, Herr Krauzlis!

    Bob Pearson´s site is a fine one, indeed!
    Here´s a link-page with some "goodies" for the avid aero modeller:


    signing off,
    Herr Fredén, Stockholm.:wink:


  10. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Fokker D VIII/E. V

    Hi there Ringmaster!

    Thanks for the additional info - Yes, this is the model from FG I´m building at the noment (the LARGE one with the grinning eyes and the red dragon on the sides of the fuselage).
    Quite a nice and colourful little bird!

    Up, up and away!
    Bengt Fredén, Stockholm :roll:
  11. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Flying Vintage Warbirds at Old Rhinebeck

    Hey Redwulf!

    Check out this interesting site, if you haven´t seen it already: - lots of nice pictures of antique planes!

    -here you can take your wife up in a biplane to get her in the right mood for your project..!

  12. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

  13. Redwulf

    Redwulf Member

    Thanks Bengt. I do have that site. I have been meaning to post that link for Jim. I love to watch that DVII video. As soon as I finish the FG DVII I'm workin on I am going to build a much larger one for my 4 year old. I have been collecting "huge" pieces of cardboard from my work for it. I don't know how large I'll have to scale it up but my intent is to for him to be able to sit in the cockpit. My wife is not real happy about how big this thing is going to be in the house. But hey, my son will love it!
  14. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Thanks, Ringmaster!:)

    I appreciate the link...Ringmaster, have you since tried to rebuild the model? It might be worth trying again, now that you know the strut length problem...she's a nice looking model in that color scheme.

    What I ended up doing, and it really just more of a annoyance at having to make new struts than anything else, is mounting the wing using the "N" shaped struts in place and measured the distance from the wing points to the fuselage using the old, short struts and then guesstimated the proper lengths, final fitted for the actual length and that was that. As I said, more annoyance than real trouble, actually. Just not sure why there is that error in the strut templates...the "N" struts were fine, just the ones that attached to the fuselage. From this I learned that next time I will make them a bit longer than needed and trim to the final shape before's just a little tricky mounting them in place with the top wing already installed, but I can't imagine how else to do it. I actually tried to put the struts in place and then put the top wing on, but it was a circus trying to get the ends of all the struts to meet the underside of the wing properly, not to mention the revelation that the fuselage struts were too short to begin with, so I figure having the "N" struts in place and the top wing installed made it a bit easier anyway to just insert the fuselage least I then didn't have to juggle the top wing and all the struts at the same time. I'm sure the more experienced bi-plane makers will get a good laugh out of my dilemna, but, hey, live and learn. I choice to just not get too bent out of shape out of the whole affair because I figure any and all mistakes eventually lead to a solution and a lesson learned for next time. Now, dropping the plane while adding some of the smaller stuff, well, that's a moment I would just assume forget.:roll: Must say something about the design by FG, because she survived the fall with no apparent problem, save for what I think caused the wheel strut rigging to become slack and askew. But I digress....:grin:

    Redwulf and Bengt, thanks for the link, I did see the Old Rhineback site, but I had trouble watching the video...I will try it again later when I have more time, should be a blast. Redwulf, you WILL have to post pictures of your Son's Fokker when you get around to it, please! That is an awesome idea! Can you build one for me...uh, I mean, my daughter?:-D

    Herr Krauzlis
  15. Texman

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    Apparantly, the engine you mentioned is no longer available on
    the paperwarbird site, but then, neither are any of the other free
    models Marcus offered. He states that unauthorized hot linking
    to the files caused them to be removed. To bad, I would have loved
    to have that engine to put in my planes.

  16. Jim Krauzlis

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  17. Texman

    Texman Guest

    DOH!!! I went to the wrong paper warbird site. I thought it was Marcus Harmon's place (paperwarbirds.COM, instead of Sero's paperwarbirds.NET)
    My bad. Thanks for showing me Jim!

  18. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Ain't no big thang, Ray!

  19. Bowdenja

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    Boy........... don't cha hate it when your brain says one thing and the fingers go off and do a completely different thing!:grin:

  20. Jim Krauzlis

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    Oh, that movie is sweet!:grin:

    Only wish I could save it and play it at my leisure...and that it was a longer movie!


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