Fokker Dr.1 designed by Winky & ShaunGamer

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Taek, Feb 28, 2014.

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    Currently the RESOURCE Section is being COMPLETELY RECONSTRUCTED!
    Both Zathros and I are uploading everything (one category at a time)!
    This is a VERY labor intensive task that is taking a GREAT DEAL of time.
    Neither of us have gotten to the category yet.
    Once ALL of the model template files are (FULLY) uploaded, I will make an announcement stating such! Once that happens, then we can concentrate on what models are missing and need to be replaced. Until then PLEASE BE PATIENT!!!
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    Sorry about my "missing file" posts :p and thanks for your and Zathros' effort.
    I thought most of jobs are done already. ^^;
    From now on, I will be patient and won't make thread of missing stuffs till jobs are done. :).

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  4. That's a little nice model. I enjoyed building it.

    I am sure it will be available in the near future again once the Resources sections is complete, so that you and others can enjoy it.
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    Yeh.. someday. I'd better finish other dr.1 models till that day :)
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