Foam and flex-track

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Dave R., Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Dave R.

    Dave R. Member

    What's the best way to attach flex-track to foam?
    Do some use cork and foam; and why?
  2. woodone

    woodone Member

    Cork-foam- I would guess it is a matter of personal choice.
    I have used both. The newest layout is done with Woodland Scenics foam road bed.
    I used tub and tile adhesive caulk to hold the foam to road bed and the same to hold the track to the foam. Make sure you get the non-silicone type adhesive
  3. csxengineer

    csxengineer Member

    painting foam

    Do any of you paint the black woodland scenics roadbed before laying track & ballast? Will acrylic paint dry out or crack the foam? I don't want a lot of ballast, but I don't want black roadbed either.
  4. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    Either the cork or foam roadbed is a method of simulating the roadbed on most mainline railroads. If you were to do the roadbed with scale ballast it would require a lot of ballast and work. I have used several types of adhesive to attach the roadbed to foam insulation board. Liquid nails, carpenters glue, white glue. The current thinking here on The Gauge seems to favor tub and tile adhesive although I personally haven't tried it. Whatever you use, it should not be something that will eat up the foam. That is, not solvent based.
    CSX: I guess you could paint the black foam if you so desired. There again, no solvent based paints. A lot of sidings and yards don't need roadbed. Just lay your track directly on the foam base. This will require a ramp from mainline level to the yard or siding.
    It's your railroad. I personally favor ballast, even though its a pain in butt to do.
  5. jmurphy148

    jmurphy148 Member

    I used low temperature hot glue to adhere the Woodland Scenics foam raodbed to the base foam and then used white glue to mount the track to the roadbed. Seems to work OK.
  6. stary

    stary Member

    I use white glue (good ol' Elmers) to fasten my Peco flex track to my WS foam roadbed, and it works great! (also comes up easily in case you make a mistake or decide to change something)
  7. darkcurves

    darkcurves Member

    I like WS foam roadbed too. It works great with white glue and as someone mentioned it, comes off fairly easy.
  8. Biased turkey

    Biased turkey Active Member

    It's not clear to me what kind of foam you are talking about.
    Are talking about pink or blue extruded styrene or about Woodland Scenics foam roadbed ?

  9. Dave R.

    Dave R. Member

    I'm using blue 1/2" glued to 1/2 ply as a base and will use pink for mountains, etc. I was wondering what "WS" meant, should have asked.
    Today I used 9/16 track pins and was amazed at how well that worked. I wonder if that wouldn't work until I'm satisfied with my lay-out then glue the track down with the ballast?
  10. Biased turkey

    Biased turkey Active Member

    I'm working on 2 layouts .
    The 1st one is a switching layout and I glued the Peco flexctrack directly on the plywood using DAP Kwik seal.
    The 2nd layout has cork roadbed glued on pink styrene using DAP kwik seal , and the Atlas sectional track is glued on the roadbed using DAP kwik seal too.
    I like the result, DAP gives a strong bond .

  11. Dave R.

    Dave R. Member

    Thanks Guys. I'm going to build my first lay out as purely experimental, using all the techniques suggested. Maybe Skull Island with a volcano on the moon!The Grandkid's should love it. Once my skills are up to the challenge, I'll get serious about a large detailed lay out.
  12. umtrr-author

    umtrr-author Member

    I use 2 inch extruded foam as a base -- no plywood underneath as I've found it's not needed.

    I use Midwest Cork Roadbed and Atlas Code 80 track. Plain old track nails work just fine for me.
  13. Dave R.

    Dave R. Member

    I had to use what was at hand. (I put a topper on my truck bed and now can't haul a 4x8 sheet) I've hung the 4x7 lay-out from the celling in my shop with chains. I'm going to freehand it with just nails until I'm happy, then I'll put down cork roadbed or just start a new lay-out. I'm also using Atlas code 80. As this will be my first lay-out, I more interested in having fun than perfection.

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