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    MOPHEAD New Member

    Hello O Gaugers;

    I'm an N scale kind of guy looking for some help.

    I was given a Lionel Flying Yankee by a neighbor of my mother-in-laws about 15 years ago. It sat in my basement, in a plastic box, since I got it. I found out that a guy here at work is running Lionel, so I gave it to him. He's new and don't know a whole lot about parts, so I'm asking you all if you can tell me where's a good place to get parts for it.
    It's a 3 car set, but he would like another car.

    Thanks for your help

  2. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    I'm not familiar with that set. How big is the track that came with it? Does it make a circle that's 27 inches, or 31 inches in diameter? (Lionel uses diameter rather than radius). Is it a freight or passenger set?

    Unfortunately not all of Lionel's stuff goes well together (there's proper 1:48 scale stuff; there's the "O27" which is pretty much 1:64 S scale on O gauge trucks, and there's another size that's somewhere in between). Since it's at least 15 years old, it's either O27 or the in-between.

    If it's O27 and freight, one option is to go to Hobby Lobby. Some stores carry individual cars made by K-Line (a Lionel competitor, now out of business). They say O27 right on the package and sell for around $20. If there are any local hobby shops that deal in Lionel I suggest that--it's really better to see the stuff in person before doing mail or Internet order.
  3. Jaabat

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    The Flying Yankee was an art-deco streamliner up here in New England. The real train sat for years deteriorating at an amusement park. Now it's well into a restoration and resides in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where it seems, many old trains go. Every town up there seems to have their own scenic railway. See link below for restoration progress. Take a few minutes to read about the train's history and view some of the great photos of both vintage times and current restoration work. Very fascinating and worthwhile.

  4. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    Thanks for clearing that up, Jim. Shows what happens when a midwesterner sticks his nose in things in New England. :)
  5. CalFlash

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    I happened on the trainset in the process of restoration at the park last summer while on the return leg of a loop thru the White Mountains. The park was closed but the grounds open so we strolled about and even without signs or anything I recognized it. It was the prototype of my 1st Lionel train! A real piece of history.
  6. girderguard

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    Need Info On Power Truck Supplier

    :wave: Hi Folks ! First Time On This Site. Does Anyone Know What Company Is Producing Motor And Trailer Trucks For O-scale Three Rail Operation ? I Need A Set For An O-scale Trolley. All Of The Manufacturers That I Have Found So Far, Such As Q-car Company, Only Make Them For Two Rail And Not Three Rail Operation. Thanks And Take Care.
  7. girderguard

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    :thumb: Hi folks. Many thanks for the quick response on the O-gauge 3 -rail trucks. Got it ! Sorry for butting in on the Flying Yankee site (I was a first timer !) By the way, speaking of the Flying Yankee, there was a silent auction/dinner to raise capital for final restoration of the F Y so it should be ready any time now for its "maiden run" after all these years. I can remember for years (and have pictures of it) at Edaville RR in Carver Ma. Seeing it running in its past glory will be 1000 as great ! I believe that the overhaul of its original motor was deemed to be too costly however, and another motor is replacing it. Thanks again.

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