Flying Scotsman From Matchsticks

Discussion in 'Railroading' started by prm57, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. prm57

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    I thought i would upload a few photos of what i did before my card models. I don't know if should because they are matchsticks not card but the matchsticks are all glue to card which is left in the model. I use cream coloured card so it is not noticable between the matchsticks. Anyway i thought you guys might be interested in something different. They are built to the same scale as my card models at 20 to 1. There is approximateley 35,000 matches in the Flying Scotsman and the Duchess. They are about 4 foot long and each one took around a year to build. They are built from scratch using scale drawings and photos. The matches are purchased from a shop in bags of 10,000 without the heads otherwise they are normal matchsticks. The card is cut to size allowing for the width of the match and then they are glued to the card with PVA. It does take lots of time and patience. All the matchstick models i had seen where either buidlings or very basic so i set out to see if i could do a detailed model of a loco. Here is the result.

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  2. Rogerio Silva

    Rogerio Silva Active Member

    Gee, WHAAAAT?? Matchsticks? Mind-blowing, fantastic job!

  3. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    You made these with just match sticks. I am in ABSOLUTE AWA!!!

    The level of detail is simply MIND BLOWING!!!



    Thank you for sharing these with us.
  4. RocketmanTan

    RocketmanTan Well-Known Member

    That is...just...just wow. I honestly have no words for this amazing piece of craftsmanship.
  5. tjbmurph

    tjbmurph Member

    WOW! Those are mind blowing! Thank you so much for sharing
  6. johanvanacker

    johanvanacker Member

    Hey, who cares, it's got paper in it !
    Wonderful models! Keep up the good work!
    And thank you for sharing.
  7. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Matchsticks are unrealized paper. Totally appropriate, so if you have any more, don't hold back on us!! :)
  8. Elliott

    Elliott Senior Member

    Stunning. Beautiful works of art. If you have any more pics please consider sharing them also. Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of viewing your work!
  9. mdsohio

    mdsohio New Member

    Absolutely masterfull work. I knew a fella years ago who built model ships in the same mediium. His work was published in "Scale ship modeler". An ironclad, the "Atlanta" and the Crusier "Brooklyn". Dont remeber the particular issues but their in my library somewhere. Great inspiration prm57!!!
  10. PaperAir

    PaperAir Active Member

    these are totally amazing
  11. DanBKing

    DanBKing Active Member

    Absolutly beautiful!!!!
  12. jjsher

    jjsher New Member

    Absolutely beautiful. I have several times though about trying to build something from matchsticks, but I haven't come up with a particular, simple building with which to start.
  13. Strode

    Strode New Member

    Amazing! i bow down to your superior skills my good sir!
  14. Vince

    Vince Member

    Fabulous! Thanks for sharing with us.
  15. micahrogers

    micahrogers Active Member

    I built a bridge for physics class in high school out of matchsticks and toothpicks and it had to hold a 5 kg weight, mine made it 34 min before failure, the winner went 35 min. My bridge looked like crap, this train is a work of art. Please share any and all pics you want too.
  16. prm57

    prm57 New Member

    Thank you for all your kind coments on my models. For anybody wishing to start matchstick modeling there are simple kits available from several different makers which give you an idea of how to do it. I myself started with a traction engine kit. i built this and then decide to do my own from scratch. I am now going to loan the model of the Duchess of Sutherland to the midland railway centre which houses and runs the real engine in preservation so it will live along side the real thing. The jinty, No9 Bass engine and the coal truck are already on loan to chasewater preserved industrial railway in there museum. After doing 11 matchstick models of locomotives i got a bit bored which is when i started the card ones for something different and a new challenge.

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