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    Here are pictures of the Viking and the Sidewinder missile rockets that I have recently built. Both fly on A to C engines.
    Plans to follow when I can upload them.

    viking cropped.JPG sidewinder cropped.jpg
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    That is sweet!

    I've always wanted to build a Sidewinder. Now I will.

    It's amazing you'd post this. As we speak, I'm in the midst of designing and building a Mercury/Atlas based on a scale-down of Ton's Mercury capsule, and I just finished a space shuttle based on the Delta 7 orbiter and the matching ET/SRBs at Jon Leslie's site. Basically both models are based on the old Estes versions of these vehicles. I'm reproducing those models I never had (MA) and wore out (SS) and can't easily get any more

    Here's a picture of the plans I drew up of the MA.


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