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    with 2 x-birds on the way and my blackbird in the scrap-pile i decided to give this a go...card-models.coms Chance Vought XF5U-1 Flying Pancake this may be a build thread depending on how far it goes before it joins the bb:roll:

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  2. I've been tempted by this and resisted far. It's always looked like it would be an interesting build and to be up to the good Doctor's reputation
  3. rmks2000

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    I can attest that it looks pretty nice when built. I saw it at one of the card models conventions in Virginia a few years back. I think it was on PMI's table.
  4. Bengt F

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    Chance Vought 'Flying Pancake'


    A very interesting model subject indeed. I bought an online model of Dr Emil Zarkov´s design myself about a week ago. It looks very nice and the instructions couldn´t be better.

    Good luck!
    Bengt :roll:
  5. Rick Thomson

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    I've got copies of both the Whirlwind and the Bf-109 by the Doctor, as well as a F-15 which I think he had on sale a year or so ago. The Whirlwind was beyond my skills back then, but I think I'll give it a spin (pun intended) again soon.

    Right now, I'm in a death match with Connie.

    NULLMOON Member

    it seems fairly simple to build it will be the first kit that i will have to create a bubble canopy for its also quite big but due to its shape will fit nicely in my cabinet:wink:
  7. Rick Thomson

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    I think that I could manage the Whirlwind now, but it was a bit of a leap from the FG models then. Also for some reason I used 1 mm card for the joining strips, dunno what I was thinking.
  8. shrike

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    Null: It's actually quite small compared to any contemporary single engine fighter. Tiny considering it's a twin sharing engines with a B-25.

    The kit fits exceptionally well. I never did figure out the tail hook, so I built mine with it retracted. Used to be pictures of it on the Wings of Horus site.

    NULLMOON Member

    im on my second go of it the first now resembles the aircraft after the steel ball was dropped on it how did you go about "skinning" the airframe?
  10. shrike

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    As I recall, I joined the center two skin elements at the top seam first and wrapped them around. A few pencil tick marks and a LOT of dry fitting before attaching them to the eggcrate. Once those were set, the rest just followed along. Lots of dry fitting and preshaping are in order tho'
  11. Bengt F

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    Lockheed Constellation


    This sounds very interesting - is it the Schreiber-Bogen LUFTHANSA Super Constellation model? I´ve seen it built a couple of times and it looks really beautiful. I´ve often wanted to build it myself.

    A link to Schreiber ( click the British flag, then 'catalouge' and 'Aeroplanes' - the Super Constellation model is in the middle of the page to the left):

    Good luck with the 'Connie'!
    Bengt :D
  12. Rick Thomson

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  13. It's one of my favourites in my showcase. I made the nose-cone out of a plastic packing of a lipstick, :p I remember I had some trouble finding out the hook , but this what I made of it;
    Cheers Billy

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    NULLMOON Member

    i think i should have a break and build something else:cry:
  16. Willja67

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    Was that the result of frustration or did it have an accident?
  17. cgutzmer

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    My guess is the former.... Sorry man, Looks like it was a tough one :(

    NULLMOON Member

    the egg crate was distorted slightly i think some right angle card parts in the gaps may help next time i hope your all learning something:oops:
  19. Amazyah

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    It happens to the best of us Nullmoon!
    Thanks for sharing with us, though.
    One of my Fokkers met the same fate, out of total frustration, and I didn't have the guts to show it.

    There are better days ahead, my friend!
    Maybe moving on to something else is an excellent idea.
    This one will be there when you are ready for it, some other time.


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