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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by stephen.irl, Aug 18, 2009.

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    I'm kinda new to this but I was looking for models that you can fly. Anyone know where I can find some (hopefully for free). Thanks
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    flying planes

    I believe that ojimak has a series of freebies that are design to fly. Also go to on the left side click on paper toys and there browse the categories and you will find a bunch of freebies and flying models.
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    Thanks again. I'll have a look at them
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    Thanks you Ken
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    It would also be worth checking out and checking 'free paper toys' then airplanes there are flying and static model links. Enjoy!!
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    Flying planes

    Among the links provided by ss42 papertoys, check that one

    These planes are easier to build, and will let you know how to fly them before you get more involved in models closer in apperance to real machines.
    On Suzuki's planes, a small black triangle on the fuselage shows where the balance point exactly is, and so, you have only to check and adjust the front load. If the planes stalls or dives, you arrange the trailing edges of the wings only. When adjustements are perfect, launch the plane by means of a rubber band, and the plane climbs up high in the sky and the fly last longer.

    Be careful you plane is symetric, and fold carefully the dotted lines exactly the same way on each side. I fold the whole sheet in the middle, then use pins to mark both sides at the same time, to ensure the folds are the same. I cut both sides at the same time too.

    You could use a 160 g/sqm2 paper instead of 180 (interior flight) (but 250 g/sqm2 for outside flight) and soak them when completed with extra-hard wood varnish, added to white spirit. This way, the models are water resistant, and can be flight above wet grass. this is useful when landing, not to damage them. Moreover, this makes the paper as if it was plastic card, somewhat strong and elastic at the same time.
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    Help needed!!

    Hi fellows,

    Thanks for the links to the many web sites with beautiful models.

    While browsing, I came accross this page

    In the page there are three P-51 Mustang models in race colors, the PDF downloadable link for each one worked OK but they require a password to open the file.
    I tryed as many posibilities as I was able to think but none worked, please help me if anyone of you knows' what the passwords are.

    I also did a "babellfish" translation and the instructions indicated the following:

    (Steering wheel name “hn” of the implementor is pass) you must input passward [name (hn)] for open files.

    If you know how to open the files but don't want to said in a post plese e-mail or send me a PM.


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