Flying Hoopster - Unusual Loop Paper Airplane

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  1. zathros

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    That design has been around for half a century. If you make one, cut a straw so it fits tightly over the center straw, and mount the front hoop wing on that, sliding it over the main straw. That way, you can adjust the center of gravity easier. They really do fly well! A strip of paper vertically mounted on the rear section up to the center of the Hoop will allow you to add an elevator and get some controlled flight. :)

  2. Ron Caudillo

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    I make these all the time!

    Kids are amazed that it flies (more like float-glides) because they thing you have to have a conventional wing.

    These are pretty sturdy and hold up to kids play because only the end of the straw hits and does not crumple like a traditional dart paper airplane. Also, because they don't hurt what they hit, they're perfect for indoors.

    These are very easy to make and a provide a lot of enjoyment.

    Best Regards.

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