Flying Clipper, Sikorsky S-40, 1:72

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    The Flying Clipper (Sikorsky S-40) is here! This was one of the most most difficult to date for me.
    The Sikorsky S-40 was an American amphibious flying boat built by Sikorsky in the early 1930s for Pan American World Airways. It was the largest commercial airliner of its time. A total of three aircraft were built by the Vought-Sikorsky Aircraft Division of the United Aircraft Corporation in Stratford, Connecticut. All three were retired from service during World War II. The first passenger carrying service was on the November 19, 1931 and was piloted by Charles Lindbergh from Miami, Florida to the Panama Canal Zone. The S-40 was the first of many aircraft known as Flying Clipper and Pan Am Clipper.
    The S-40 was nicknamed the "Flying Forest" for its maze of support struts.
    I wish much fun, but also patience!
    Bob S.
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    :thumb:big and ugly .....the best kind of planes

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