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  1. Gil

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  2. Bengt F

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    Flyboys clip

    Wow, Gil,

    Thanks - I hadn´t seen this one before.
    The heavy Gotha G. IV is a sitting duck against the manouverable little wasps of Nieuports.
    And the dog fights with the (three!) red Fokker Dr. Is are something to watch, too - it´s an exciting moment when the machine gun gets jammed and the German pilot comes up behind . . .

    Won´t be long to the premiére now . . .
  3. Willja67

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    The American Premier has already taken place at Oshkosh. Sept 26 comes to mind as the general release date but I haven't seen that for sure anywhere.
  4. Stev0

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    imdb says December 6th 2006.

  5. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    FLYBOYS World Premiére

    I thought it was to be on September 22nd - at least that is what it says at the end of the "Behind-the-scenes" movie clip at the official home page:

    Bengt :grin:
  6. Ludomeister

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    The salute by the German pilot is taken from a famous scene between Ernst Udet and an unidentified French pilot. Udet was either out of ammo or had a gun jam, and rather than blow him from the sky the French pilot (who Udet thought was for sure an ace) simply saluted him and turned away. Udet later used this as evidence that chivalry was not dead; not a favored ideological stance by the National Socialists.
  7. John Griffin

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    The release date given on the film website is Sept. 29th.
  8. rmks2000

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    Saw the movie last night. Good fighting scenes but overall I felt this was more of a chick flick. One thing that seemed a little odd to me was that in two instances, the planes exploded. Is this historically accurate or just Hollywood? I thought that WWI aircraft simply burned up.

    BTW, they had a interview with the producer this morning who is an aerobatic pilot himself.
  9. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    I suspect that it is just Hollywood.
  10. Darwin

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    Another potentially good film destroyed by overly done special effects. They still can't come close to Blue Max.
  11. Rick Thomson

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    The Blue Max was great, but my alltime favourite was "The Battle of Britain", 633 Sqn wasn't bad either.

    I'd love to have a chance to see Hughes "Hell's Angels" as well.
  12. Bengt F

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    No Flyboys in Sweden

    Hey guys,

    I´m kinda glad that this isn´t the best WW I aviation movie in years - because they don´t show it at all in the theaters here in Sweden. Same thing in Germany, from what I hear.
    I guess I´ll have to wait for the DVD about a year or so.

    Every once in a while, I pull out "Hell´s Angels", "Blue Max", "The Great Waldo Pepper" or "Those Magnicifent Men . . ." and lean back in the TV sofa, with a Dry Martini or a Cappuchino - real flying at it´s best, long before the invention of computers.

    And next weekend, I´ll be flying in a DC-3, so I´m OK,
    Bengt :wink:

    PS. Rick, "Hell´s Angels" has some stunning flying scenes and a very good sequence with a Zeppelin. Be sure to get it on DVD!
    PS PS. (edited in): Btw, anybody going to Rhinebeck this year?
  13. Bengt F

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    Exploding Plane


    Wherever there´s open fire and a gas tank, I suppose it can happen.

    Bengt :grin:
  14. 72BMWR75/5

    72BMWR75/5 Member


    I gotta go see this while it's on the big screen.
  15. 46rob

    46rob Member

    "Hell's Angels" has the best sequences--no special effects, just white knuckle flight scenes with REAL airplanes. To me--a lot of the special effects and such in today's movies remind me more of video games than anything else. Got to find me a DVD of that one. HH did the world a real favor with that one.
  16. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Hell´s Angels by Howard Hughes


    Couldn´t agree more - it´s a spectacular movie production.
    I got my DVD copy quite cheap here in Sweden (imported) - it is distributed by but I suspect you can easily get it via Universal in the US, too.

    I especially like the sequence with a squadron of Fokker D.VIIs taking of, filmed up close with a moving camera on a plane, and the subsequent action scenes with a heavy German bomber (a Gotha, Hansa-Brandenburg or something very similar) and the sequence with the giant Zeppelin. There is some great model photography here and the German Zeppelin captain is a really mean character, with the obligatory scar on the chin.
    Howard Hughes built the massive interiors of the Zep at full scale, after carefully studying photographs of the real thing. It´s very close to a documentary.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I do,
    Bengt :grin:
  17. SCEtoAux

    SCEtoAux Member

    I agree with you 100% on that. It also seems that a lot of the films now are nothing more than long advertisements for the video game version of the movie.:roll:
  18. wunwinglow

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    Ahh, the bit in Waldo when the kid gets to fly with his dog....

    Tim P (wunwinglow)
  19. milenio3

    milenio3 Active Member

    Bengt, will the photographs of your flight be available to check them out? I know you'll take your camera, aren't you? Let us know to check out!
  20. tjchung

    tjchung New Member

    The main character is played by the son of the CEO of Oracle, who's richer than God (but not Bill Gates).

    Seems Daddy financed the movie, so of course Junior gets to play the lead. Then again, giving credit where its due, Junior is apparently an accomplished stunt pilot, from since the age of 13!

    Then again, in a "Life isn't fair" vein, you gotta have a daddy who's richer than God if you want to play with real live stunt planes when you're only 13!

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