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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by andrew ferguson, Jan 2, 2006.

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    The dang thing comes apart!!!! :-o

    Wow that is fantastic, I was looking at the picture showing the bottom with all the bombs(!!) and was thinking to myself..... "man that's the best looking wing build I have seen, no seams what-so-ever." AND them I saw the picture of it in parts!!:shock:

    Artist..........that guy is an artist! I only wish that I could get that good!

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    Re Canuck Airforce Type

    It appears you must have been in Baden at one time and so was I from 69 to 76.I don't get to hear from any ex RCAF anymore.I now live in Embrun near Ottawa.
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    4 Wing/1 CAG leftovers

    Yep, I was on 441 Sqn in Baden, and remained here when I got out. Cool Pool before that. There's still a small colony of us Ex-RCAF/CF types here.
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    If you are still wondering which version of the Lancaster to get, go with the last edition. I have a copy myself which I got from ebay. You may try looking there but it's very hit and miss. The latest edition is the one with the yellow border around a portrait of a Lancaster landing with one engine on fire. If I'm not mistaken the pictures in the Konradus gallery above are picture from the last edition of the kit. The printing is much higher quality on the later editions of Fly Model kits.

    Here is a picture of the edition you should get. If it is the 1st or 2nd edition you'll know because it will have no yellow border like the rest of the Fly Model kits on this picture.

  6. thank you......that was very helpful.

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    DC-3 / C-47 in Stripes

    I loved your pix of the Lanc & B-17, but i'd love to know who makes (and where I can get hold of!!) the DC-3 in Olive Drab & D-Day Stripes! hopefully in 1/33?

    I have a Vietnam Gunship by a polish company, (not right colours though, & no interior)

    Ps where can i find a translation of the polish instructions?

    thanks in advance
    UK newbie, (well not built a card kit yet!):roll:
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    I've just had a closer look at the last pic in this post,
    Top row, middle, a C-47 Skytrain, doh!

    What is the reference no, does it have an interior, & is it sutiable for a non-polish speaking beginner? I do speak & read german reasonably well....

    thanks again in advance,
    Jon UK,
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    Hello Jon,
    Yes the kit above is published by Fly Model Nr.101. It is out of print and extremely hard to find. You'll either need to talk to somebody in Poland or search ebay regularly.

    Anyways, the kit does have an interior but it is extremely basic like most Fly Model kits. You could probably build it without reading a word of Polish assuming you have experience building paper models. You will probably find this thread much more helpful. Luckily you can read a bit of German.

    This the only documention of the building of the C-47 kit that I know of. I hope that helps.
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    Thanks, that is really helpfull, the breakdown looks similar to the C-47 Spooky I have, so i will read carefully.

    My interest is that it is 1/33, (close enough to 1/32), twin engined & has got D-Day Stripes!

    I have a 1/50 polish Blenheim, & 1/33 Black widow to practice on first (paid about USD $18 for all 3) which should I practice on?

    thanks again
    Jon UK
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    Hi Dustin,
    How is the Maly Modelarz B-17G kit? I was not aware that they had one. Where did you get it? I'm a big B-17 fan and I plan on doing a whole series of B-17's for Chip at Fiddlers Green. I'd be curious to see how Maly Modelarz handled the B-17. That Lancaster is a work of art. I know Chip has the Lancaster in the works, though I don't know if he or someone else is working on it. I'd love to do several paint schemes for it.
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    I've seen the MM Flying Fortress, and it's nothing special. I believe the kit came out in the 1980s, which was perhaps the worst period in terms of quality (the print, the paper and in many cases the designs themselves). However, my impression is only of the kit, as I haven't seen the model actually built.
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    Chances are that the Blenheim would be easier to assemble than the Black Widow. That does depend on the publisher though. It is hard to say without seeing the kit. I would build the one with the least amount of "odd" curvature first for practice. Also, hope that the one you pick has good fit, because having to resize/redesign parts is not very fun.

    I am also a huge B-17 fan...ever since watching the "Memphis Belle" as a kid. The Maly Modelarz version was published in 1991, so it was printed on the old MM "construction paper". The print quality might be acceptable to some, but it falls far short of today's new kit standards. The kit is also designed in 1/48th scale as opposed to the 1/33 scale GPM and Fly Model B-17s. It has no interior or cockpit. It would probably build up into a nice looking model if it were scanned and repainted. You could easily modify it to have a cockpit as well. I remember seeing a photo of this kit built once. I believe it was on the Konradus forums. I'll dig around and see if I can find it again.

    Here is a pic of the cover and a sample of the print quality.

  14. bfam4t6

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    Well John your PM reminded me so I looked and found the pictures of the MM B-17 kit for you and anyone else who wants to see it. For some reason I remember the pictures being from different angles. I'm guessing that there is another set of pictures of this kit out there somewhere.
    Here's the link:

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