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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by mor54, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. mor54

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    Hi everyone

    A week ago I have finished the Yak-9 model, it was an on / off model for more than a year. I whant to shear with you all my experiance.


    Yakovlev Yak-9 fighter, is the most produced Soviet aircraft, apart the Il-2. First flown in 1942, met in battle for the first time over Stalingrad. It's development continue with the post-war –P model, encountered in Korea.


    Model preview
    The –P variant model at a scale of 1:33 is part of a double kit Fly Model No.111. The model is good, with a very detailed cockpit. Usually it was acrurate, but has its mistakes. The printing is good, but the greay camouflage was a disappointment. The instructions are in Polish with a number of diagrams – aircraft top, profile and detailing for cockpit and landing gear.


    Most of the model is built "as is", with scratch building the main gear, propeller spinner, and the transperent canopy. Fuselage is build from 9 sections, each one rounded to a circular shape, the edges bonded with a tab. A shaped ring is bonded in each section to receive the fuselage geometry. The sections are bonded to each other with tabs. To mask the connection line, both edges were painted with the same color as the fuselage, and let it dray before bonding. Mating of the sections was good.


    Mating the wings to the fuselage was good, but the wing's fairings at the trailing edge were not acurate, and need to be ajusted, the added area pained with gray Acrylic color.


    The propeller and spinner are built "as is", and the spinner was rounded by filling with Humbrol filler, and smoothed with fine glass paper. In this way, spinner shape is accurate, and the bonding line between the parts is not visible.


    Cockpit is very detailed and accurate, the canopy was done from 3 parts. I used a transperent sheet, cut and bended to the required shape, it was no easy task to bond it because it was to flexible.


    The landing gear provided in the model is good. To improve them, I scratchbuilde the wheels and the gear's mecanisem. The weels are made of card rings with 1mm diameter diferens, bonded together and then filled to the right shape with a filler and smoothed with fine glass paper, and painted black. The retraction mechanism required an Internet search for drawings and pictures.


    Colors and painting
    The original model painting is a very un-attractive gray. I whanted to add another color to it, without re-painting the all model. After a long Internet search I have found picture and profile of a read nose Yak-9P aircraft, I don't have any information in which squadron it served.


    This model is generaly good, detailed and accurate, and can build "as is", or with detailing as I did. It's two major deficiencies to me are the poor camouflage and the wing fairing accuracy. The camouflage was easely improved, but it poot the model "on hold" for a long time.
    For an experienced modeler, the drawing are good and detailed, and the Polish instructions should not be a problem.

    Shalom Mor
  2. Fozzy The Bear

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    Very nice! Well built model..... What you forgot to mention in the history, probably because the models historical information didn't mention it, is that the design for the Yak9 was based on sets of blueprints that they aquired (ahemmmm Cough Cough):rofl: for the US Mustang and UK Spitfire.... Taking the best they could from both of them (given the materials and technology they had at the time). It's actually a superb aircraft to fly, but a bit of a bugger to land, because of that long nose that you really can't see over the top of.

    Best Regards,
    Julian (Fozzy The Bear)
  3. yaniv

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    very nice color and work my friend

    nice to see work like this after long time not taching any paper model
  4. Zathros

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    Wow, that's one heck of a build. Fantastic!
  5. mor54

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    Thanks for the comments.

    My intention was to post the pictures, not just the link, but somthing went wrong. Can somone tel me what is the problem, or fix it ?


    Shalom Mor
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    Copy the text in the bottom box (img code). . paste into the 'insert image' dialog here in 'Reply to Thread'.

  7. Amazyah

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    You've done a very nice job on the Jak-9 Mor!

    Very nice detail work! And clean work too! Two thumbs up!:thumb::thumb:

  8. cgutzmer

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    I love it! Very clean build :)
  9. milenio3

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    Very good built, and the color makeup is just great. I didn't think about that, I just thought I had to paint it in the computer, but I guess your approach is a good one. Thanks for the tip.

    Kudos for the landing gear!

    This also is helping me to decide to buy a FlyModel. If they are all like this one, I'll go for them.

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