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  1. A question for the airplane guys/gals: I'm about to place an order with Kris for a couple of WWII Russian airplanes, but before I push the submit button, I thought I'd better check with the experts. I'm looking at purchasing either the Jak-9/La-5 combo by Fly model (and buying the Gomix canopy set to go with it), OR Modelart's Mig-3 (which I really love the looks of) and Answer's La-7. Your opinions on these specific kits, or manufacturers in general would be appreciated.
    My thanks in advance,
  2. yaniv

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    i think in the mig 3 u need to tack the modelart 1

    becoz u not need to speend a time about scan it to save to files if u make any misticks


    and also is collors are realy nice :)
  3. Yaniv, I really like the Mig-3 also. Why do you say I won't have to scan it to guard against mistakes? It is a factory printed model, is it not? I'm shying away from models that I have to print from my computer because my current printer is not a very good one.
  4. yaniv

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    ammm if u not have a good print than forget about the first topic :)
  5. Bowdenja

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  6. shoki2000

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    Mentioned FlyModel/Gomix kits are a bit dated.
    Those are good models, but...
    You will have to deal with mismatched colors, bad colors, parts not fitting correctly and so on. They are buildable for an experience modeler willing to go a bit further than cutting and gluing parts.

    Can't say much about Answer La-7 or Modelart Mig-3 since I didn't build any of them but looking at photos of completed models on Polish forums, I would advise going with them instead of the FlyModel/ Gomix
  7. cmdrted

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    Don, the Modelart Mig 3 is a good medium level kit, excellant fit and printing, or as before you can download it, but if you have printer issues get the printed version. The Fly model combos are very good coloring and medium detail but have a stange habit of being "overengineered". They would use 25 formers where 4 would suffice. Not bad in the sturdy department but man if you get one outta line it's a B---h to get the skins around it. I have both Fly and Modelart in a Mig 3 , I'd pick the Modelart. Somewhere along the line you should invest in a decent, ie. less than 100.00 printer. It is invaluable, can save alot of frustration with mistakes, and opens a new source of excellant models that aren't available printed.
  8. yaniv

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    if u got any problem with printing the mig3 of model art u can tack my word that if u make it and u need re make any part u can send it to me (only the part) and i will print and send by post :)
  9. made my decision

    The people have spoken. I'm going with the published version of the Modelart Mig-3 (because of my old Lexmark POS printer), and the Answer La-7. I think I'll build the Mig first - no engine to deal with, then the Lavochkin. The Jak will have to wait for another time. Thanks for all your help fellas. Re the printer situation Ted, I bought my daughter an Epson for college a few years back. It hasn't been used in about 8 months, and I know the nozzles have a tendency to clog on idle Epsons. I'm going to fire it up this weekend and see if it is usable. I'll print a free download first to see how the quality compares with my venerable Lexmark. I don't know if I'll like good printer quality - I've grown fond of blurry downloads :)
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    faint rimshot heard in the background
  11. Bowdenja

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    Well as a test............ grab the GeeBee from Gremir.............this would be a great test of both printer color and detail............ as this is one of the best colorful, highly detail FREE plane model around............:grin:

    OK guys............. I did say 1 of the best, and not THE best............... I know of many others that are as good...........ok?:roll:

  12. Amazyah

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    John, Do you have a list of links for us?:grin:

  13. rmks2000

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  14. Bowdenja

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    Now Russell............. gotta keep some secrets!

    I don't want to let the RATAs out on I16 it'll get crushed.

    Lots of people are full of AIR; BUS drivers included even though it's 320 for a fare.

    Well I wouldn't want to give any CLUES, to some of my other favorites:grin:

    Just check out Nobi's site. so there!:oops:

  15. shrike

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    I have the Jak/La combo, and it's not bad, but hand-drawn and does belong to a previous generation of kits. Just to complicate matters. Does anyone know if the Jak/La combo is one that FLY is redoing? They've recently redone their PZL 23 and PZL 37 kits and those are exquisitely rendered and highly detailed.
  16. Shrike, papermodelstore has 2 versions of the Jak9/La5 combo - one under "current", and one under "out of print". There is a price difference of $2.00 between the two. I would guess that the hand drawn one is the older offering, and the newer one is a redo like the PZLs.
  17. DrBill

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    Modelart is probably the better choice. The Fly Model kits I've purchased are cheap, but have real printing and design problems. One 3-plane offering had only one usable model -- the others had massive printing problems (misalignment, areas that didn't print, etc.) -- and the one I could build had serious design issues. I've purchased a couple of WAK designs recently, and their La-7 looks really nice. Modelart designs have always had near perfect fit, and I've had no problems with anything Dr. Zarkov designs.
  18. sakrison

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    I've built Fly-Model's La-5 and I think it's a nice kit. I haven't built Modelart's Mig-3 but I've built a few other of Emil's kits and they are excellent. The Modelart H34 Med-Evac is one of my nicest display models. And the Westland Whirlwind went together beautifully and looks great.

    No worries,
  19. shrike

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    Drop a line to Krys at papermodelstore. If the new version is on a par with the new PZL's then it will be unbeatable (no offense to Dr Zarkov, whose kits I've alaways liked). Detail bordering on the masochistic!<G>
    I'll even have to get one of those myself, if only for comparison with the old one.

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