Fly Model Nr.117 Short Sunderland Mk.II question

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by TigerMike, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. TigerMike

    TigerMike New Member

    Can anyone here tell me where I can purchase the FlyModel Nr.117 Short Sunderland Mk II kit in the US? I have done a number of Google searches to no avail. I'm thinking that I'd like to laminate the cardstock onto 1mm to 2mm Depron and go RC with it. Thoughts?

  2. shrike

    shrike Guest

    Krys at the Paper Model Store (Paper Model Store) has one and it's on sale this month too. $24.99.

    He's out of Chicago, and has been great to deal with. I'd offer to sell you mine, but I still have this desire to build it (and to own a house big enough to display it<G>)
  3. TigerMike

    TigerMike New Member

    Thanks Shrike. I'll order it tonight.


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