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    I saw this site some years ago. I think the patterns would look great, but I don't think they are his designs. I remember finding what i thought was the pattern he "adopted" for his own purposes. He is selling 11" by 17" prints, a set of 8, for $800 dollars. Normally, I knock out commercial links but if anyone is silly enough to pay for this, they deserve to lose their money. If he were selling original hand made Navajo Blankets with this design, he would probably sell quite a few. of course, that would mean actual work, not 5 minutes of Photoshop with someone else's pattern. This would be easy to do in Rhino! Geez Vakmy, if that is worth $900 bucks, one of your soldiers has to be priceless, (well, actually, maybe they are, they are in museums after all!).

    His core statement:

    This a suite of eight prints in an edition of five. Attached images show three of eight. Price is per set.
    11"x17" each
    archival pigment print on rag paper
    Sale price:

    I would encourage people to download the three models, white out the LSD/Peyote printing on them, and see if these could be made.

    Just coincidentally, I made a similar piece of work I am selling for $900 dollars, but would take $2 for. Sample print below. They come in sets of 1 print per set. There is 1 set. 1 is available right now, in front of you. This might be able to be made into a model. It would make a groovy blanket, or T-shirt, Book cover, toilet paper pattern. I haven't tried making a model out of it. (Actually, the fenders in front wouldn't work out but this is meant to be satire, so it doesn't have to work, just long as it's point gets across, or, maybe even art, which doesn't have to work either!). :)

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    Hi Zathros,

    Are you sure that you smoke tobacco ? It's a psychedelic car.sign1
    I like this kind of war plane. With this paint It looks really strange and funny



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