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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Casey Feedwater, Sep 11, 2002.

  1. My last bottle of Floquil Driftwood finally gave up the ghost and did what all bottles of Floquil eventually do. But I've heard that Floquil CN Gray is a dead-ringer for Driftwood. Is this true? Has anyone tried it? :confused:
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    Hi Casey, I've been using Floquil SP Lt. Lettering Grey thinned about half and half. Seemed to be a pretty good match:) I haven't seen the CN Grey but Floquil is kinda "sneaky" some of the colors are the same just a different name!!!:eek: :D

    Try some Floquil Concrete thinned out. It makes an interesting/nice stain too. Any of the regular Floquil colors will make stains just thin them down:D :)
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    Casey, I located a can of mini wax stains at the paint store, they are a large company that makes many stains so should not be hard to find. They make a driftwood stain and I got some in a small can. Test it first to get the right consistancy as it does need thinning. Much cheaper than hobby paints. I also use a couple of their stains for tie stains and other wood stains. Ron...
  4. Ron - Several times in the last few months I looked at Minwax in Walmart and Home Depot but could never find anything close to "Driftwood." Maybe I should have tried a regular paint store :rolleyes:

    I did use a Minwax oak stain on a board-by-board water tank/shed model. I liked the way the stripwood took the stain until I tried to weather it. My black alcohol mix just rolled right off because the stain had pretty much rendered the stripwood weatherproof. Not exactly what I anticipated or wanted to happen. :( As a result, all of the weathering was done with chalks alone, instead of my usual black alcohol/chalks "combo."

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  5. Vic, thanks for the tip on the SP Lettering Gray. I think I'll get that and the CN Gray and try both. If there's enough difference in the shading, it could make for some interesting variations in weathering.

    BTW: I frequently use "stains" made from earth-tone acrylics, water, and Inda ink. I soak entire batches of stripwood in them before beginning b-by-b projects.

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