"Floor Master" (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker) W.I.P

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    Peoples decided to venture in developing a model, I began choosing a model of the it game "Legend of Zelda: Wind Wake", "Floor Master", besides that model was made by the studio Chokipeta.

    The model was extracted of the it game, being like this, the model is the original, the only thing that I had to change, you ally to redo, it was the texture, because that played the game knows that it loves uses it the technology Cell shading and in the case especially of "Floor Master", he possesses an outline pink, that changes the light accordingly, then I had to create a way of to visualize of several angles and to maintain the outlines pinks. In the picture below we have the model unfolded in Pepakura, the model done by the studio Chokipeta and a screem of the model in it game.

    I am finishing the texture and I should make the base (the hole from where the arm comes out). Until the weekend I want finish it and if possible to do the instructions. Unhappily I won't be able to set up it still to see if he will need of some adjustments, but that doesn't matter in the moment.

    I am not managing to do the uploading of the picture to the forum, then I put the link of my blog that I especially created for the papercrafts

    World of Papercraft!

    Sorry my bad english :cry:
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    UGHHHH! I loved the game. Hated the Floor masters. Any plans on doing the boat? King of Red Lions?
  3. daredevilbr

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    Yes... I have plans of doing other models, but only the ones that still were not made... King Red Lion already exists.... done by Ninjatoes, that besides is a beautiful model!!!
  4. daredevilbr

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    sorry I have raised the topic ... I finished the model and is available for download!

    World of Papercraft!

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