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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by railnut, May 6, 2007.

  1. Peter Witt 2424

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    Hi Neighbour I am just 31K up the road from you in Chilliwack about .8K from the Chilliwack River Just down at the dike today the river is about the same as last week. I hope you are wrong I am just about done on the basic layout in my basement
  2. nhguy

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    Put all you trains in plastic Rubbermaid tubs and seal them with duct tape. Do the same with your valuables and photos.
  3. bigsteel

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    opps,i should've said i live ON the hill,not in between'em.most of the subburbs around my neck of the woods are on top of the hills,we have had floods in the deep creeks and valleys.--josh
  4. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    Trainnut: Don't get too complacent about the lack of flooding in the desert. Some of the worst and fastest moving floods that I've seen were in the Mohave Desert. I remember driving into Las Vegas one fine sunny day and seeing cars piled up in the Ceasars Palace parking lot and in the flood channel where it went under Las Vegas Bl'vd. The rain was 30 miles away in the Charleston Mountains but the flood was in Vegas. Another time in Barstow, CA the water was deep enough on the main street to flood a bunch of local business buildings. And watch those low spots (Arroyos) out in the desert. They can get full of water in a hurry.
  5. TrainNut

    TrainNut Ditat Deus

    Warning heeded but not needed.:) I'm a weather person at heart and I love anything that has to do with it - especially rain and snow. Unfortunately, Phoenix never gets snow and only gets about an average of 10-12 inches of rain per year. That results in a lot of boring, hot, sunny, rainless days. Sorry for the misunderstanding but I was simply conveying my sarcasm at the fact that it's been so long since we've had any kind of real rainstorm, that I've forgotten what rain is! The monsoon season is coming up soon though and we do get some pretty good duststorms/thunderstorms out of those... if it's a good season. During that time (the monsoons) we get quite a few people that are unfamiliar with flooded streets/water crossings. They think they are invincible, drive around the barricades and try to cross the flooded streets anyways. It is because of them that Arizona ended up needing the Stupid Motorist Law. PFD: MONSOON SAFETY
    Basically, it says that if you drive around the barricades and end up needing rescued, you are responsible for all costs incurred.
    Yes, floods in the desert should be well respected but at they same time, they can be quite spectacular!
    P.S. I grew up (a few years) in Vegas and do military work in Barstow... some of it dealing with the 100 year flood boundaries.

    COMBAT Member

    He aint making that stuff up folks. :)
  7. stripes

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    As a retarded (oops, meant retired) plumber, I know that alot of flooding can occur from the combined sewer/storm drain systems of older areas.
    If this is the case, do everything you can to block off lower drains in the basements. Washer lines, floor drains, etc... And, if your basement should flood, shut off the main breaker on your electric panel and any gas lines before it gets to that level.

  8. nhguy

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    Trainnut. Are you a Weather Spotter? I am. I pay attention every year about this time. Thunder Storms in CO are nuts Apr/May/June. You never know what they will do.

  9. TrainNut

    TrainNut Ditat Deus

    No, I'm not, as weather in Phoenix is pretty boring. I've always wanted to be a tornado chaser though. I just live in the wrong part of the country. Funny you should ask that though as my CB handle is Weatherman. During the monsoon season (those precious few weeks), I'm always watching multiple radar screens.
  10. jeffrey-wimberl

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    A weather spotter? I guess a storm chaser would be the same thing. One of my jobs as an emergency responder is to spot and track tornados for 911. I remember one I was tracking that turned back on itself and split into three sisters. I got out of that area fast! I found out what my Century could do that day. Fortunately, the storm roped out a short while later and that was the end of it.
  11. TrainNut

    TrainNut Ditat Deus

    How 'bout it railnut? It's been almost two weeks now... you still dry? What's your status?
  12. UKSteam

    UKSteam Member

    I must admit that through all of this I'm the most impressed by the fact that someone in the 'authorities' actually had a handle on this and put out warnings BEFORE the fact ! Not as the water was swirling through his basement ! Houston where I now live, and Sunbury, England where I grew up; inclement weather causing floods seems to come as a great surprise to both local authorities. Which I place in the same category as say an official in Chicago saying they didn't expect snow this year, not that they would, as they DO have a clue about that sort of event :)

    And I echo TrainNut's question have you escaped thus far ? Hope you have mate. :)
  13. Glen Haasdyk

    Glen Haasdyk Active Member

    I've been watching the news for the past month here in BC and they've been talking flood but it hasn't come yet. This week could be a decider though. it was cool this past weekend with some rain but it's supposed to get quite warm during the week, threatening the snowpack.
    Funny thing for me though. I live about three hours drive east of you guys but here we're talking drought, not flood. it's been a fairly dry spring so far with only one day of rain in the past couple weeks. Our snowpack is about average though so we probably won't have an issue like four years ago when we had the major fires in the interior.
  14. joesho

    joesho Member

    hasnt flooded yet, but these next few days are supposed to be around 30 degrees,that outa met some snow!
  15. Gil Finn

    Gil Finn Active Member

    How did it turn out?

    I lost 90% of my O gauge post war and modern collection to a flood a few years ago.

    I hope it missed you

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