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Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by eriic1977, Aug 23, 2000.

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  1. eriic1977

    eriic1977 New Member

    Does anyone know whats up with the flitecraft co. ????????
  2. UHRC

    UHRC New Member

    I don't know, but their website is just a blank page now.
  3. testory

    testory New Member

    can anyone tell me were I can purchase a flitecraft miss outlaw new or used it doesn't matter!
  4. rickrcboater

    rickrcboater Member

    if it helps i have seen a cople on ebay
  5. byrnesie

    byrnesie New Member

    i have a flitecraft and i got it from cobblestone hobbies in downtown holland,mi. i think they have a couple in stock. hope this helps.
  6. casey

    casey Member

    flitecraft is now dane hobbies and they have out three airboats the miss outlaw stingray and another old flitecraft hull i have a stingray hull with a ported o.s. 46 fx i clocked it at 48mph
  7. casey

    casey Member

    shockwave is the third
  8. Bro_28

    Bro_28 New Member

    Do you have a link for Dane Hobbies? Tried to find it in yahoo search with no luck. Thanks.

  9. casey

    casey Member

    they dont have one ill find there phone number for you......... here's my stingray with an os 46fx and a ported macs tune pipe

  10. tanzi411

    tanzi411 New Member

    i am looking for a gas tank holder to go on the back of my flightcraft tempest airboat. anyone have any ideas?
  11. GeyserFlyer

    GeyserFlyer New Member

    I have aquired 2 air boat hulls the first is a Flitecraft River Rage, Black in color. The gas tank holder is broken and the servo opening cover is missing and there ia a ding in the nose,
    It seems like it would be easy to fix. The second is Red in color with a pickle boat hull and says "Tempest" on the side, Again the rc compartment cover is missing but otherwise the rest seems sound. And I was wondering if someone could give me an appraisal. And are they 40 or 60 size boats?
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