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    I made this game back in 2009 and had been adding new units and rules to it over the years. There's four factions (and an unreleased 5th) each with their own infantry, transports, tanks, planes and special characters. The whole aesthetic has a very "Fisher-Price goes to war" feel to it. This was done as a cheaper (not quite free since the ink and paper does cost a bit) alternative to people trying to get into tabletop gaming (Warhammer 40k, Flames of War) on a tight budget. I may try and get back into finishing the fifth faction and getting the webpage looking better if there's still enough interest in it.

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    after seeing me model in paper for a while my 9 year old daughter wanted to try. Since the previous test had been too ambitious ( a Rhino) I suggested something else for her. So she did 2 flipit jets and is very happy, she is now planning to make a whole army.
    So thanks...

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    Your daughter rules!! Those models are excellent! You and her should be very proud. Thanks for posting this, I hope we can see more of her work, that would be so great.

    Consider having an avatar for her, and let her be known for her work, under your account. She's really got the feel for modeling! :)

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