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    Ok - so a few years ago I picked up a copy of the Wilhelmshaven 'Koln' kit in a local hobby store (for like $2). The problem is that somebody decided to roll the sheets up for storage. I'm not quite ready to build this kit so I have some time - but I'm wondering what tricks people may have for flattening the sheets for when I am ready to build it. I have access to a ping pong table not currently being used, so I've got a big flat surface if it's a matter of stacking books / weight on it and letting it sit over time - but wondering if there's anything else that would help.
    Thanks in advance ;)
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    Here is what I do to try and flatten out a rolled sheet of paper. I first get a large diameter tube of some kind, plastic pipes, closet rods, oatmeal canisters, etc.... The rolled sheet is unrolled, then rolled around the tube with the convex side contacting the tube. That usually relaxes the roll and sometimes even makes it go away.

    Sometimes running the convex side down along the straight edge of a desk helps relax the roll, but you have to be careful because you could wind up creasing the page.

    If the above two do not relax the roll enough try using a clothes iron on a medium heat setting. I put a towel on a hard surface since most ironing boards have too much padding, put the paper sheet on the towel with the convex side up, put another towel over the sheet and then run the clothes iron on the upper towel until the curve gets relaxed enough.

    Lightly misting the convex side of the curve and then flattening it out and putting a flat surface of some kind on it and weighing it down for a while might flatten the curve out enough.
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    If I do not like the paper a model is on, I scan the model and reprint all the pages (e.g., Maly Modelarz kits) on high quality cover stock. In your case, even if you successfully flatten the pages, the curvature problem could manifiest in some unexpected way while building the model.

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    The paper is pretty yellowed, I'd guess it's at least a 30 year old printing. If I decide to build it, it'd be entirely as a 'practice' exercise. I'm sure the colors are pretty faded and don't match the original either. I would purchase a new version if I wanted to have the model as a keeper. I haven't honestly decided if I cut it up and build it or just keep it as an 'antique' of sorts. They model has been re-drawn somehow because the number of sheets doesn't match the currently available version.

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