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Discussion in 'Railroading' started by papertrain, Sep 9, 2009.

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    I am going to try to get thru a build of a drop center flat car to start with. This has the basics for all further freight cars. The trucks that are on this one are cast resin, but the one I will do here is all card and matte board.

    This will be of matte board, card stock, wire of choice. All parts will be done in these materials. Try to get scraps of matte board form a local picture framer, nice ones will just give it to you so search around if you can. Others will charge you so be careful and just tell them you are making models with it. I even brought in one of my finished models and they could not believe it was the "junk" they gave me.

    I will start from the ground up giving dimensions as I go to build a 1.22.5 model. This is 2 1/2" between the rails. You can scale them down to any size you want to. The finished model will be over 20" long, and 5 1/4" wide.



    I will be posting photos and information as I go along. I will also, along the way, post drawings and prototype photos.
    I hope that everyone can follow along and gain something from this. The final will also have a load that is normal for this type of freight car.
    It is not shown here.


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    Absolutely incredible! Your level of detail is amazing. I love your other models in this scale as well. Looking forward to more info and pics.
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    Oh come on, that can't possibly be paper!! :mrgreen:

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