First Submarine (U-Boot) German Navy WW I

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Alfred, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. Alfred

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    Hello Shipbuilders,

    This is first Submarine (U-Boot) German Navy WW I

  2. Alfred

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  3. Alfred

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    Deep-Meter, at bet of the Capitan
  4. Alfred

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    Starboard-Engine. (Gas-Oil)

  5. Alfred

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    SAR-Boat of Germany

  6. Triop

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    Looks great !


    ARMORMAN Guest

    umm....what pictures?
  8. JHS

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  9. shoki2000

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    Look at the dates of the original post - 2004.
    Those photos are long gone, probably posted on a free server which went kaboom.....
  10. rickstef

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    ok Guys, this one of many threads which the photos were stripped when we moved to the new Board OS

    So, check the date, anything after September of 05 should be ok, anything before that, forget about seeing pictures.

  11. cgutzmer

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    What? You mean you cant see the pictures on here? They are fabulous!

    ok, ok - maybe I am just throwing some gas on the fire ;)
  12. Triop

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    for those who can't see the's a link :

  13. kooklik

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    Where is the link ? I can't see.
  14. bulldogowner

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    (*hand slapping forehead...)
  15. Triop

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