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    me and my friend recently combined our rolling stock to make this video, the sound is from an actual csx junk train, were still rookies to the model world, he likes to do layouts and i love to weather and combined i think it works out pretty well. my unit is the third one in (chessie dash 8 .#4132) i built it from a scratch kit along with some 1 ton c&o hoppers. if any one would like to help us out we need it. my every spare cent goes towards this. i used to be homeless and hopeless. now i have a house,a dog, and a beautiful life has changed so fast and im so greatful, cause if i didnt settle down soon life on the road would kill me:( well any way back to the trains so yeah if any one would sell me some random stuff, any diesel locos, any track, any rolling stock running or not,built or un built kits {preferably unbuilt:)}just send me a pm.thanks and the video can be seen here..............>

    *notice the santa fe boxcar with the hobo:)
  2. hobokid

    hobokid thebull

    so what do you guys think???
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    Well done! Keep up the great work!:thumb:

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