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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by jambo101, Mar 22, 2008.

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    Took me a while to figure out a track plan due to no experience at working in such a small space but this is what i came up with.does it make sense?,i'm planning nothing more than a small station at the near end and a 2 bay engine shed on the far end, the far right track is supposed to represent a mainline ,everything else will be scenery like bushes trees ballast etc.

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  2. nachoman

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    looks fun. The only thing I would recommend is a run-around track. Perhaps if you added one more left-hand switch to the track on the right, and joined it with the center track?

  3. ocalicreek

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    No need for a runaround if you've got two engines, especially with DCC. Think Gumstump & Snowshoe.

    What sort of mainline? If it's high-iron then perhaps you can lay it a bit higher than the spurs. What sort of roadbed will you be using (if any)?

    I like the overall layout of tracks. Perhaps it would be a bit more interesting visually if you angled the enginehouse tracks toward the mainline a bit, following the curved route of the turnout vs. the straight route.

    Tell us more about your equipment, locos, rolling stock, etc.
  4. ocalicreek

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    OOPS, just read your other post in which you mention your situation, equipment, etc.

    In the other post you mentioned a factory or yard. What did you have in mind? There are many options for narrow industries to fit between tracks.

    You know, if you're running RDC's and it's the end of the line, part of your engine facility could be a servicing and cleaning area where the engines are vacuumed, windows washed, fueled, etc. before the next commuter rush.

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