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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Casey Feedwater, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. Here are the first progress photos of my tractor and wagon repair shed. The going has been slow because it's all board-by-board construction, and I have only a couple of evenings per week that I can work on it. But I've been ballyhooing about this thing for so many months now that I figured I had better post a photo or two to prove it really does exist and that I really have made some progress.

    First, this view...

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  2. And then this second view....

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  3. davidstrains

    davidstrains Active Member

    nice looking project, Casey.
  4. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Outstanding, can't wait to see the finished product! :cool:
  5. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Wow! Craftsmanship! I really admire peole with the talent and patience for board by board construction! Neat work Casey!
  6. interurban

    interurban Active Member

    Yep Casey,
    It officialy exist, and a fine looking repair shed it`s going to be:D :D :D .
    Keep up the two evenings and please let us see the ongoing project.;) ;)
  7. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Looks like another one of your masterpieces is on the way Casey!
    You do good work, my friend!
    :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:
  8. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    Absolutly Outstanding!!!!!:) :cool:

    Old Ezra's JD 4 is knocking real bad and the water pump is cracked. Think y'all could take on a rebuild job as soon as you get open?:D :D :D
  9. kettlestack

    kettlestack Member

    Casey, That's a fine bit of craftmanship. It's so delicate and precise that if it weren't for your worn timbers it would look like a new stucture being built for real.

    It's what I love about HO, (big enough to get that stuctural detail in) but alas, too big for my space. :( :(

    Will it be shingled roofed?

  10. Thanks, guys.:)

    Vic, can Old Ezra hold out about 6 more months? I figure by the time I get all of the interior detailing done and a roof on the place and then get the forge fired up and some manpower on board, it'll be at least another 6 months. :eek: :eek: :D
  11. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    Hi Casey.....No problem...we'll just put it under a tarp in the barn. He ain't gonna need it until peanut raking time and that's next fall:D :D :D :D
  12. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Casey, that looks so real! I must confess I almost prefer seeing in-progress shots. That way I get to see how it's done. I'm going to be scratchbuilding a barn one of these days, and board by board seems to be the way to go. Thanks for the pix. Lookin' good!

    :D Val
  13. marty w.

    marty w. Member

    Excellent work. That's going to be a great looking structure when it's done.
  14. yellowlynn

    yellowlynn Member


    Hey Vic,

    When you get to raking up those peanuts next fall, keep some of those green'uns for boiling. Either that, or don't mention them again. It's been so long since I had boiled peanuts that at the thought, I drool bad enough to short out mu locos.

    Whitehouse, Tx
  15. t. alexander

    t. alexander Member

    Boiled peanuts, Boiled peanuts, boiled peanuts:p :D

    Casey, thats looking very nice, what a gem it will be. :cool:

    I wish I could get even one evening in but my shop is "tore up" at the moment building the layout room.

  16. Errol, I have decided (after cramming as much deliberation as I could into 30 seconds worth of thought :rolleyes: ) to go with corrugated roofing on the main portion of the structure and weathered tarpaper on the addition. I thought about shingles, and I thought about board/batten roofing, but the image of heavily rusted corrugated metal roofing really took hold of my mind. :eek: I just hope I can still find some Builders in Scale roofing/siding material somewhere because I have only a small amount left.
  17. rich maiorano

    rich maiorano Member


    PS sorry about the caps what the hell are boiled peanuts:confused: :confused:
  18. n-scaler-dude

    n-scaler-dude Member

    That's some very impressive modeling! Scratchbuilt structures, especially when done plank-by-plank, seem to be so full of character and adding finishing details is like extra frosting on the cake.

  19. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member

    Ditto! While I can only dream of doing something like this, pictures like this are SO handy for the day I can try a similar project.

    Truly beautiful work.
  20. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    Hi Rich, Man are you misssing a treat...BOILED PEANUTS.....That's right up there with ham hocks and collard greens!!!! 'Course you folks up North have always said that we "eat funny" down here in the South!!!:D :D :D :D :D

    Boiled peanuts are exactly that...raw, green peanuts boiled in the shell with salt.

    Jes gits you a big ol' pot....cast iron is best but any kinda pot will do. 'Den fills dat pot 'bout 3/4 full of well water. Throw's you in 'bout a 1/2 hand full of salt and gits that well water to boiling!! Now puts you in a whole mess of dem green peanuts in dey shells and boils dem until they be soft and mushy inside and out. Dey turns kinda a black color out the outside. Eat 'em hot or cold...they be good either way!!!...You shell 'em don't fergit...don't eat dem hulls!!! If you wants dem hot and spicey just shakes you in sum of 'dat TABASCO SAUCE while they be boiling.

    If you can't find raw green peanuts up there in PA you can use dried raw peanuts in the shell...they're almost as good...just have to boil them a real long time.

    Lynn, Remind me next year...all the green ones are gone now:(

    T, We gonna teach these here folks how to eat ain't we!:D :D :D

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