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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by mav_uk, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. mav_uk

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    Hey People,

    Well firstly, thanks for all the help last week. I went shopping at the weekend, found a really helpful shop in Badhoeverdorp (Near Amsterdam) and traded in my old HO stuff.

    The set I have started with is a Minitrix set, one engine, a few wagons, and a reasonable amount of track. Next week I am going back with an ides for my first layout, and to use the voucher I have to buy the required track / modeling supplies to try and build it.

    I went for the Minitrix for a few reasons. After looking at what is involved getting Peco track running I decided that is something for the future, when I am more experienced, there are no starter sets for Peco track and I needed everything, and the Minitrix track looks better then the other German track (sorry can't remember the name - begins with 'F') IMHO.

    I had a bit of hassle with the loco though. First out the box didn't run smooth so they changed that before I left the shop, the second ran really well in the shop, but only ran for 1 1/2 loops of the track at home. Third seems to be okay so far - but the guys in the shop said any trouble bring it back - much better than the place I brought the HO from.

    I thik the trains are far superior to the HO stuff that I had before, the detail of the starter kit is far beyond the TGV I brought to go with my previous starter kit. I'm very impressed.

    And finally, as for trading in my old stuff, a couple of years ago I got ripped off well and truely! They gave me a quote of less thana quater of what I apid for my old kit. The price they gave for the track seemed okay, but the price thay gave for the train was very low. When I explained that I paid 20 times what they offered they nearly fell over, fetched one off their shelves and showed me I paid about twice as much as I should have. They did double their offer for the train, and after seeing what they were selling them for new I decided to just sell it. Not happy with the previous shop (center of Amsterdam, near the main shopping street).

    But it should be enough for me to get the track required next week, then I can start on building the layour properly, I have the board to put it on, the wire mesh required as the station I am building is raised about 15' off the ground, but what would you suggest for the exterior? It is going to be finished with sand (as that's what the real thing is made of) so do I go papermache, or plaster type stuff?


  2. shamus

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    Hi Stu,
    You cannot go wrong with Minitrix.
    Fleischmann (I expect) was the track name you were thinking about. They also have good running loco's, (In HO) but expensive.
    If you can post a drawing of your trackplan in "Track planning for the future" we can all have a look at it.

  3. mav_uk

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    Shamus you are correct! The thing I didn't like about the Fleischmann track was that it was already mounted on a base, much the same way that Marklin C track is. As I want to vary the look under the rails around the track, and I like the 'bare' track, I decided to go for the Minitrix.

    As for the layout, once it's finalised it'll go up. I started work on it last night, realised that my plans were still far too ambitous for a beginner and decided for a far simpler loop (165*60 cm going round twice) with a tunnel. This will probably take some time to do, and will be great for learning on. I still plan an underground (Schiphol airport style, rather than a Metro) for the near future.

    If all goes well I can then extend / replace the track when I have the budget / time / space. Living in Holland the last is at a premium...

    I'll have a layout sorted hopefully later in the week...

    Thanks again people,

  4. Xaniel

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    Hi there mav_uk. I'm from Portugal.

    Minitrix is very very good. But I prefer Fleischmann. I think they are smoother than Minitrix. Roco also has nice stuff in european HO.

    Post a plan to see. I really like to see a nice European layout.

    I'm not tired to see the layout of one of our members. swissjohn.

    check it out

    It doesn't exists anymore but it was very very cool.
  5. mav_uk

    mav_uk Member

    Wow, that's quite a layout - I don't think my first attempt will get close to that! My modeling skills are not that great yet - neither are my layout designing skills.....


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