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Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by evilbadz, Apr 21, 2004.

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  1. evilbadz

    evilbadz New Member

    I am VERY new to the rc helo area, and I know almost nothing about the helos or the electronics. I'm looking for something below $600 that will be RTF, and I found http://***Please read Announcements forum***/ws/*********.********item=3188788543

    Can any of you guys who have been around a while tell me if this is worth buying?

  2. scar

    scar New Member

    You can do reviews and get a good price at
  3. danteincendia

    danteincendia New Member

    Whatever you do, don't buy a Smartech Aerohawk. And, whatever you do, DO NOT buy it from
    I made both of those mistakes and am now paying for it.
    The sad thing is I never even got to fly the Aerohawk, but am glad just the same after reading all the negative feedback on it so far.
    The heli arrived from the company, so I opened the box and inspected the contents. Right out of the box, the canopy was broken. It came with two. The one attached was in several pieces, the second canopy was bent to the point of uselessness.
    The main rotor shaft and equipment weren't in one piece, and under closer inspection pieces were broken.
    After examining the heli even more closely, it had signs of wear and tear. I suspect they sold me a USED heli.
    So, I contact the company, tell them what's wrong and am told it's not thier problem. They have a 10 day money back guarantee that they're trying not to honour. Argh.
    So, don't do what I did.
  4. badone

    badone Member

    don't waste your money on an electric heli they are hrad to fly and you will get very discarged, get a 30 size heli like a raptor or something like it you would have a better time and learn to fly easier, i know from experience i bought 2 electrics to start and sold them both and got a 30 size and have had fun every time i fly
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