First Design: MiG-15

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  1. Romanator

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    Here is a step by step of what i did to make the wings: First I add cylinder with only 14 to 16 vertices. Then I reposition the vertices to match the cross section of the wings. Then I stretch out the wing to the proper sweep and length. I then scale the end to the proper cross section. I extrude the points and move vertices to create the tip. I finally extrude the root of the wing and scale it up to create the wing/fuselage joint fairing.
    I hope it makes sense. I am making all of this stuff up as I go, so I understand if what I am doing here seems strange.:mrgreen:

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  2. Romanator

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    the rest of the pics

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  3. Romanator

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    I realized my pictures are rather small because of the 4 screen split. Here is one full sized photo of everything so far.

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  4. cgutzmer

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    I love how this is coming together!
  5. Romanator

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    Thanks Chris

    I might be getting ahead of myself, but i was wondering if when (or if :rolleyes: ) I finish the plane, that it could be posted as a free download on your site (or another is fine) I would like to offer it so I can get feedback and make my subsequent designs better. ( not to mention that it's pretty cool to get your work on then internet) :twisted:
  6. Soaring

    Soaring Middle School Student

    Wow! Beautiful! Amazing! I'm running out of compliments...

    So you're using Blender? I think I'll try it, see if I can match your modelship. Which I probably can't ;)

    I'd love to see this one added to the shop, (You're just doing us all a favor if it's free ;) )
  7. Romanator

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    Thanks everyone for the kind comments!

    Just to let everyone know, I have been working, but less frequently because of studying. Also, this part was pretty difficult to create, but it seems to have turned out ok.

    Anyway, here is the progress: intake splitter! Next I plan to do the elevator and then cannons.

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  8. Nothing

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    great. the way you did the wing is awsome. i never would have thought to do it that way. but i am going to try that next time!thanks:)
  9. Romanator

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    Here is a small update. I am sorry for not getting back to this for such a long time. I have been very busy with studies and other fun stuff of that nature. Here is the progress so far: Three mega-cannons and the bulb thingy on the upper part of the nose intake (I'm not sure what it's for).

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  10. Romanator

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    And because it's Halloween, I'll throw in a bonus picture, Spooky!

    I carved it myself, only my second pumpkin. :mrgreen:

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  11. Werner Smuts

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    Comming on extremely nice!
    Can't wait to see it built!
  12. exzealot

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    Looking good so far.

    The shapes and silouettes look accurate to me.

  13. Romanator

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    Hi guys, here is a new update. Sorry that it has been so long now, but I've not been finding the time to work. Hopefully winter break will change things.

    I finished the tail section. Now all I need to do are wing fences, cockpit, landing gear and wheel wells and other details. Oh, and I have to redo the guns because they disappeared! :cry:

    With this, ( and after I redo the guns ) the major structural design is complete. What I would like to do is intersect planes into the wings and fuselage to create the formers and the wing fences, and I could also intersect boxes or other shapes to form the wheel wells/cockpit and contour them to the wings/nose properly. But I am hopelessly lost on how to do this. Furthermore, I can't seem to get the unfold plugin to work. :confused:

    So here are the latest pictures:

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