First attempt on Rhino too...

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Joseph, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. Joseph

    Joseph Member

    Oh well, don't laugh :oops:
    Maybe I'll manage to make a paper model out of it :?
  2. Jimi

    Jimi Member

    What u actually built was cleaner and more precise than my first rhino model (the Terra Firma). I wondered how i was able to build the plane considering the meshes, lines everything was a mess even during the final editing in AutoCAD. hehehe.
  3. Joseph

    Joseph Member

    I am wondering why I am unable to unroll most of the 'hull' surfaces. They look quite simple but Rhino refuses to unroll them. Any hint?
  4. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Hi Joseph,

    I think u must spilt hull into 3-4 pieces to make it can unroll for each piece. u can not unroll whole hull into 1 peice of paper ;) because that hull is not in regular shape like cylindral or cone.

    i have some picture to show how to unroll surface like your space ship.

    First i draw a curve to make like cross section, i draw only 1 side becasue i can mirror it. that curve is a guildline for loft

    Second i loft each pair of crossection with "straight section" and rebuild with 20 control point.

    Third i unroll each section of hull with unrollsrf and mirror unroll job...that's all. easy but it work for me and my model
  5. Joseph

    Joseph Member

    Hi Nobi,
    thanks a lot for the advice, I will re-do the model. (even the exploded simple sections of the hull won't unroll)
    I used the 2 rails surface to make the hull, and the model is not perfectly mirrored (I manually built each side :roll: ). Maybe it's the reason...
    Best regards,
  6. Atomsk

    Atomsk Member

    No need to re-do the entire model. Let Rhino "flatten" it out for you.

    Take a look at my Rhino Unwraping Tutorial from a few weeks ago.

    The secret to creating "unwrapable" surfaces is the "degree" of the surfaces.

    Each surface has two "Directions" (the surface itself defines the third dimension in this co-ordinate system).

    In order to unwrap a surface, one of these ditections (known as U and V) must have a degree of 1. That is to say no curve.

    In Rhino, you can change the degree of any surface. The techniques are spelled out in my tutorial.
  7. Jimi

    Jimi Member

    Hi Joseph.. been looking at ur model. maybe, some lines are a bit too curvy to flatten.
  8. Joseph

    Joseph Member

    Thank you all for the advices :)
    I've redone the surfaces using the 'loft' command instead of the 'Sweep 2 rails', and now the surfaces unroll without problem :lol:
    Another stupid question: when I unroll, I need only the edges of the surfaces (where one has to bend the paper). How do I suppress the wireframe from the surfaces?
  9. Atomsk

    Atomsk Member

    I import the wireframe into Corel Draw, then delete all the unnecessary lines.

    Does anyone have a better method?
  10. SteveM

    SteveM Member

    to eliminate the wireframe, select the surface, then select CURVE -> "From Object" -> "Duplicate Border". Then delete the surface.

  11. Joseph

    Joseph Member

    Thanks a lot! Now i 'just' have to unroll everything, color the kit, test build, ....
  12. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Hi There,

    Joseph : That's real cool project. cant wait to see your finish project

    about create unfold job, i have my technics what will be useful to everybody.

    First : unrollsrf your part, u will get a plane part in Top portview

    Second : select unroll part u want and then use function Dimension -> Make 2 view drawing.

    Thirds : unroll job what not have wireframe line wait for u at Make 2D Visible line layer

    that's all :D

    Atomsk : your technics about increase or decrease degree of UV is very useful for us...thank you very much
  13. Joseph

    Joseph Member

    What a great group! :wink: I would never have found all these answers alone.
    So I have another question: is it possible (and necessary) to take into account the strength of the cardboard? the internal formers should be a little smaller than the cutting plane, no?
  14. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Hi Joseph

    im not sure i understand your question or not but i think u mean an internal former what use to form and make your part strength. if u mean internal former, i have some technics to u to easily make an internal former for your part.

    First : start with a part u want to make internal former.

    Second : choose menu "Curve" > "Offset Curve" and type "D" in command box, press enter. type "0.5" in command box again (make sure that your environment is count in millimetre) that 0.5 mean 0.5 mm. or thickness of your cardboard then press enter. next is click at curve u want to make internal former and press enter.

    Third : u will got a curve for your internal former but it not finish yet. continue in next post :D
  15. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    continue with make an internal former...

    when u get a curve what u make from last just make surface into by

    first : select curve from last post u did then choose menu "Surface" > "Planar Curve"

    Second : got it...easy?
  16. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    I have been looking for answers to a question and stumbled onto this thread. I think in the distant past someone told me that you should just use the surface as it comes out of Rhino into Corel Draw instead of duplicating the border and exporting that into Corel Draw. I was fiddling with that method and couldn't get anything to work. I've used the duplicate border method while working with my corsair but in trying to determine which way would be best to send airwolf parts to modelincard I have only caused myself frustration.
  17. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Hi Will,

    duplicated border in Rhino, Export that curve into .ai format (illustrator) then import that .ai format into coreldraw and color it...after that use coreldraw to crete .PDF for you,. that's all :smile:
  18. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    Thanks Nobi. I kind of thought that was the way it was done.

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