Fireball XL5 model project

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by peter taft, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. angevine

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    Holly Molly!!! If only I was as good as that... Stunning!.. What else can I say. I love it!

    Fantastic work.

  2. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Is this available?

    Hey Peter, fantastic looking build.

    Do you plan on making this available? It would be a nice addition to the models ijoy did.

  3. peter taft

    peter taft Guest

    Hello there. Thanks for the great comments you gave, glad you like her. No i don't plan to make it available because she is a scratch build and never kept the templates i made during test builds {although i might do something in that area later} So pleased to hear you're making the Saturn V and Tower. I'm onto the Saturn V next and i think she's the same as the one you are making {forgot the scale... but she finishes up 4 feet high} I can't wait to see your progress. Thanks again. Regards. Pete.:thumb:
  4. peter taft

    peter taft Guest

    Thanks for your Comments, and Soooooo pleased you like her. Regards. Pete :wave:
  5. peter taft

    peter taft Guest

    Saturn V

    Hi there. Well i said i would get the BEAUTIFUL SATURN V started this week, and here's the progress so far... These are the RINGS and RING SUPPORTS of BODY 1 {1st stage - Lower section} They serve to hold the outer skin {body} in perfect diameter throughout it's length. The spacers have been glued to extra strong card stock, and the rings are double thickness. Hope you are all well. Regards. Pete. :wave:
  6. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Different Saturn

    Hi Pete. The Saturn I made is the 1/480 scale which finishes up about 9 inches - not quite as big (or detailed) as the one you're tackling, although that one is definitely on my "some-day" list.

    I dug around a bit and found some Fireball meshes on line, and there's certainly lots of reference material. I may just make one myself, or failing that I discovered that the one from Pierre Fontaine is available from Fiddlers Green on one of their CD's.

    There's just no end of potential projects. Thanks again,

  7. peter taft

    peter taft Guest

    Re-XL5 Model

    The model you mentioned is a nice model, although basic, it can be made to look really good. I have this model and if you PM me with your E-Mail i will send it to you. Regards. Pete. :wave:
  8. peter taft

    peter taft Guest

    Saturn V Continued

    Hi folks. The Saturn V build is coming along o.k, and the progress pictures are here. I'm relly enjoying this build, and when finished i hope to be able to get the launch pad and tower....would look nice with four spotlights uplighting her. Hope you are all well. Regards. Pete :wave:
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    Hello. I am now wondering what to do. I am not being that long on Zealot Forum/thread and i have found STINGRAY - GIXERGS Forum/thread which i am so pleased to have done and i have found GERRY ANDERSON - CUT 'N' PASTE Forum/thread i can see pictures when i click on the lines for the shortcuts, but i cant find any on this FIREBALL XL5 MODEL PROJECT - PETER TAFT Forum/thread. I have done something to my settings i think because i can't find any pictures of the main thing i was looking for and that is the Fireball XL5. This is my favourite of all the Gerry Anderson productions, so a little bit frustrated now. Has he moved or re-moved it from view of others ? I have started my own Forum/thread GERRY ANDERSON - DAVID LAKE where i have mentioned a PETITION to sign, it's about Gerry Anderson not being allowed to re-make his own programme Thunderbirds because of the ITV company. Gerry has said that he will pay for the production and all the ITV company would have to do is to show it, but they wont let this happen. Please will you fellows sign to show that Gerry still has a lot of support. The following line is a click to the petition. Back to you.
  10. eightball

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    this is nice stuff!

    MAD MODELER a.k.a. Pilsworth

    I agree with ya eightball our Pete is an amazing builder
  12. david lake

    david lake Member

    This is one of my favourite Forum/threads since i joined here Gary, and i think Peter would be very pleased to read what you have put about him - maybe one day he will pop in and start making these models again. I was told that he was banned from here which is rather sad, but i guess the people all had their reasons and perhaps it's all too late now, he certainly had Master the paper models. Back to you. :wave:
  13. movieman

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    I remember seeing Firball XL5 when it first came out on tv :thumb: giving my age away me thinks:mrgreen:

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