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    :cry::cry:has any one heard of the california fires
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  3. Amazyah

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    Yes. We even have some members over there in harms way.

    God speed to all of you over there.
    We are keeping you all in our prayers.

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  5. paperbeam

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    The Mars bomber will be a great help down there!:thumb:

    I've was at a small lake in Port Alberni one time with a few friends and we were lucky enough to see one put out a small blaze started by lightning just across the water. One pass and the flames went out as fast as a candle being snuffed...

    Later on (this was around '84 or so), one of those guys wrote in to a Canadian show that basically allowed ordinary people to fulfill their dreams and asked for the chance to fly a Mars bomber. He got picked and ended up on TV being filmed piloting the huge aircraft (with a little help from the other pilots).:cool:

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    The DC-10 Fire Tanker is there also. CNN has shown several drops by it.
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