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  1. announce1:eek::cry::curse:

    Well here I sit here in San Diego watching the county burn to the ground. We are safe so far but the way this fire is developing no area is safe. So we are making the most of the time we have. Taking inventory. (Sorry models you can be replaced). Two years ago we lost 3000 homes in the area and the fire came within a couple miles of our house. Problem is tankers can't get in the air because of the wind. So keep us in your thoughts guys and gals. But so far we are doing OK
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    Good luck Tim!:eek:

    I dodged that bullet about 16 years ago when I lived in Whitehorse in Yukon and a forest fire consumed everything on a hill just a few blocks from my home. In that case, luckily, only some small cabins were lost and no casualties.

    I've seen many wildfires in my day...

    Not fire related, but you may have seen the six homicides in Surrey, BC on the news that happened last Friday. Well, I live only about four blocks from the condo high-rise where they occurred, and I had a bit of a nervous weekend...:cry:

    Let's just keep crossing our fingers, shall we?


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    Good luck both of you!
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    Good luck. Hope they stop the fires soon.

    When I was working at Boeing on the C-17 transport, a group of engineers was working on a new fire-fighting idea, but I haven't seen any news on it in several years. They were in testing phase last I heard. The idea was to load / stack 5-gallon water-filled biodegradeable octagonal "balls" on pallets, and use the precision cargo drop system to drop 1, some, or all of the pallets on a fire. The C-17 can carry 160,000 pounds of cargo, and that is A LOT of water (approximately 2700 water bombs if I remember correctly). The best part was that they didn't have to modify the aircraft in any way, simply load and go. The Chief Engineer of the project knew I was very interested, and he was kind enough to keep me updated when I was there.

    Here's a link from 2004 if you're interested:

    High-Altitude Wildfire Fighting - Popular Mechanics

    Best of luck to you and your family.
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    My sister is in San Diego, two blocks from the beach. She has a house full of friends who've evacuated from homes farther inland, and she and her guests have been told to be ready to leave at a moment's notice.

    Not much I can do or say except, we'll keep you in our prayers.
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    Just a quick note to wish you luck. Stay safe!

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    I know this may seem a bit drastic but would a FAE in a massive hot spot consume enough air to essentially starve a wildfire in a forested/prairie area to the point of exhausting it's momentum?

    Especially when your getting desperate for options.

    A pretty useless idea for populated area as the devastation would be equal or greater.

    With all the wildfires in California I am surprised that there is not a more aggressive over watch to avoid flare ups of this nature.
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    The pictures are terrifying. You are in my thoughts. If you have to run for it, do so. I would happy to share my database of models should you loose anything. Bits and bytes can be replaced. Hang tough, but as the Gambler's song says, know when to fold em.
  9. Hey thanks everybody. So far we ar ein a relatively safe spot. But that ould change in a heart beat. We were told to be ready to leave in a few minutes. We have our stuff al ready to go should we be told to leave. But thanks for thinking of us. My brother-in -law is coming down as he has already been evacuated. But who knows we may be next.n So far we are doing ok
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    Praying for all in the area keep safe!
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    Hope you and your neighbours come through this unscathed. Good luck.
  12. cgutzmer

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    Careful man, we will keep you and yours in our thoughts!
  13. Well today I am worried. The fire moved at lightening speed and is now coming towards our house. We live at the foot of Mt. Helix and they just called for evacuation of Spring Valley which is just to the South of us. If it hits Mt Helix we are outa here. We packed the important stuff. My wife didn't sleep all night. Yesterday I was packing and she was glued to the TV today I am glued to the TV and she is packing. Bonnie has been bugging me about a new kitchen and I told her "well you just might get that new kitchen you wanted". Our kids live near the ocean so we are probably going there if need be. But thanks for all your support. I will keep you all posted til we have to leave. I am glad I upgraded my house insurance after the last fires.
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    I just checked in the group here and didn't realize you were in the fire areas. I know its a 5 hour drive but you and your family have a place to stay in Phoenix. It's not fancy but it's comfortable and FREE! If you need help moving anything, call me and I can be there in 6 hours. I'll need the extra hour to gather a few things. I have a Honda Ridgeline Truck and a Honda Pilot SUV;Lots of haulin space. I could probably bring both with a friend if you need it. Please let me know how you are doing.

  15. Hey Scott,

    Thanks that is a great offer. But I think we will be OK. Both my son's live in the safe area so we have a place to go if we have to. Also we know quite a few people in the area who have offered help as well. But I really appreciate your kind gesture thank you. But hey I will keep this in my plan B column. the fire is jumping all over and they don't know which way it will go next. The winds are shifting to the north blowing things everywhere. The winds have picked up and are really casuing havoc. They said no place in the county that is out of danger. So everyone is ready to evacuate in minutes if need be. Qualcom is almost full to capacity as is the Del mar Race Track.

    This is the worst disaster in the history of the county to date. there has never been a fire like this one before. it is all encompasing.
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    Hi sir...

    As I'm typing this, I'm watching the latest updates about the fire on CNN, and it is really getting crazy...

    Everyone here is praying for your safety and also for everyone there...

    BTW... we have relatives in California... I hope they're all right...
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    Praying for the safety of you and yours, the firefighters and all others in the area.

  18. Hans Christian

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    I hope the Sta. Ana winds die out soon...
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    Just watched the DC-10 fire tanker in action around San Diego. Also some almost live views from the space staion of the smoke plumes.
    Scott thats a heck of an offer, Im in Texas, but Ill help in any way I can.

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