*Finish* Willys Jeep, Modelik Nr. 10/02, 1:25, Special Build

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by fuchsjos, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. Bowdenja

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    :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Unbelievable! More will come later when I can think and type straight. :shock:

    :shock: :shock: :shock:

  2. fuchsjos

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    Dear friends,

    Everybody, who is waiting for the next building report of the Willys Jeep, I have to disappoint. Normally I build on the weekend and on Monday I'm posting a new report, but this weekend it was impossible, because there was very much activity in Austria. The half of the country was on the way.

    On one side there was the 'Airpower 05' in Styria, Zeltweg, an airshow of superlative (the biggest in Europe), visiting by 250.000 people. Good pictures are at:
    My favorites are the pictures of the Me109.

    On other side there was the 22nd 'Isle of Danube Festival'. This is the greatest Open Air Festival in Europe and certainly one of the biggest (and first of all most peaceful) in the world. Some facts:

    22 stages
    6,5 km festival arrea
    More than 2.000 artists and interpreters
    3 million visitors in 3 days

    Friday and Saturday was very fine tropical super-weather.
    Sunnday was a little raining, but not very bothered.
    I've forgot to say that the entry is free! 8)

    Everybody, who is in the near of Vienna at end of June, should look at this festival, which is very peaceful. There were only 800 assignments of the aid-men, mostly for reason of problems with circulation. Hardly any police assignments.

    Next week I will continue my building report.

    Nice greetings
  3. Gil

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    It's the beginning of the dreaded Uhrlaub season and you're showing signs of catching a bad case. Please hurry and finish the build before you succumb to this dreaded of all European afflictions...,

    Best regards, Gil
  4. Bernie

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    Josef, in that case I will again start my "effemmvier" 103,8FM/no need to use live-stream - I am sitting about 120km from Vienna/ listening period during the summer season - to listen to great records taken on many music-fests in Austria

    ps do not be affraid baby - it is only effemmvier :D
  5. fuchsjos

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    After some fun at the last weekend it's time to go on with new energy and power.
    The axles are fasten with some clamp of wire to the flat springs. This clamps were tighten with screws on the lower side of the original. I was looking for a methode to realize that nuts made of papercard. First I make a hole with a diameter of 0,6 mm in the papercard. The burr of the hole was flatten with a rub off spoon of letraset.



    To get the hole in the middle of the nut, I made a little tool. Some round material with a diameter, which goes exactly into the nut of the punch tool becomes a little piece of wire exactly in the middel. So I can adjust the cardboard befor punching the nut with the tool.



    The same technique is useable with plastic sheets. Papercard is loosing the connection between the layers, if you punch too little parts out of it.



    After coloring it looks a little terrible, but it is only the extremly macro, which shows it worser than in reality.

  6. fuchsjos

    fuchsjos Member


    This 12 paper rolls will become the damper. It looks bad in the moment, because I grind the edges.



    After coloring, making a slideway of aluminium folie and refine it with some nuts, it looks much better.



    All dampers are mounted by glueing to the flat springs and the chassis, so the resilience was gone.



    Next step was mounting the steering linkage and the drum brakes. The drum brakes will be glueed to the wheels later and are rotable. A first try to mount the motor show me that the pedastals were to low, so I had to thicken them with 1 mm cardboard.



    Before I mount some other little parts to the chassis, I want to arm the motor, because I don't want any surprises with blockings.



    The motor resides in the frame only by two pedastals and a connection (glueing) between the gear box and the chassis. The cooler also was glueing to the chassis.

  7. fuchsjos

    fuchsjos Member


    The next thought was causing with the realization of the shaft drive. The solution of the designer looks not very workable to me, because the fixing of the cardan joint would stand against the right endposition of the shaft drive. So I tried to make the cardan joints in a movable way. The crosses were cut off round polysterol, glued together and then I made some holes with 0,4 mm in the bearing ends. Into this holes are going some tiny bolt replicas made of brass, which were fix glued to the paper clips.



    This 3 little paper parts are creating the steering gear and completing the steering mechanism.



    Here you can see the ready shaft drives. I had to shorten them about some millimeters. The exactly spacing was reading out of the modell, by using a divider. The shaft drives including the cardan joints were shorten to this lenght.

  8. fuchsjos

    fuchsjos Member


    The following pictures showing the mounted small parts, which require a lot of time and patience.
    Steering gear - top view:



    Rear shaft drive - top view:



    Front shaft drive - top view:



    Steering gear with push rod - bottom up:



    Rear shaft drive - bottom up:



    Front shaft drive - bottom up:

  9. fuchsjos

    fuchsjos Member


    Presently progress of construction work - bottom up:



    Presently progress of construction work - top view:

  10. jrts

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    Hi Josef

    Now that is what you call a work of art :shock:

    The standard of work in this is just amazing, more please when you can!!

    I look forward to each and every post on this
    Keep up the great work and sharing your ideas and tips

  11. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    Hi Josef,
    Truly oustanding work. Like Rob said I can't wait to see more.
  12. fuchsjos

    fuchsjos Member

    Hi, jrts and dwgannon!

    Thank you for the flowers!

    Last week I received a letter from Canada with the 2nd price of the airplane contest - thank you very much again.

    For the next contest in the armoured section I have just a target in my mind. :lol:
    I think the jeep would fit in group 3? There is only need to finish it at right time.

    Servus from Vienna
  13. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    The rest of the armour competitors are now wishing you a very happy 120 day uhrlaub...., kidding aside your work is in a word wonderful. I look forward to each installment and carefully view it three or four times to make sure I didn't miss anything important. Keep up the work fantastic!

    Best regards, Gil
  14. Leif Oh

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    My, oh my, what a precedence you are setting, Josef! I do hope and think you have as much pleasure from accomplishing this as the rest of us have watching you do it!

  15. Orion

    Orion Member

    Your "work" looks great,really :shock:
    I think about this model also because it will fit to my "Half Track".
    I plan the realization of tank with that wartime also,....maybe some of version "Sherman"
    There now first "Willis"
    I with great attention will be "followed" your "work" and your report.

    I wish persistence
    You put "cross-beam" (ceiling)very,..... very high :D
  16. fuchsjos

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    Hi, Gil!

    Thank you for the nice words. 120 days holliday (Urlaub) sounds great, but I think my boss would have some problems with it. :shock:

  17. fuchsjos

    fuchsjos Member

    Leif Oh!

    Thank you very much for the mortify compliments. The fun on my side is as sure, as fire is hot. :lol:

  18. fuchsjos

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    Hi Orion!

    Thank you for the nice words and the attention to my report. I wish you much fun and never empty glue bottle for the project with the tank.

    If the 'cross-beam' is to high for me, I try to go under it or go around it, so I'm quicker. 8)

    Kindly regards

  19. fuchsjos

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    To complete the undercarriage, there were missing the bumpers. The hook ist made of etching parts and has function to accept a hanger. The bumper itself is made of paper without after treatment (unpainted).



    The front bumper is also made of paper like just coming out of the printer. I don't want to agonize myself with the painting of the ensigns. The color of the painted and the printed areas looks very similar. The hole in the bumper should be for an emergancy start with a crank lever.

  20. fuchsjos

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    After finishing the undercarriage, I start with the auto body. All made of paper and cardboard - a view without any 'make up' out of the working process.



    Auto body view bottom-up. The bulge for the motor was very heavy work for bad fitting accuracy.



    The light grey painted areas show intensive after work with grinding. The paint seals the cardboard and avert it to fray.



    The white areas will become another outer layer of printed parts.


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