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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by custom1106, Feb 3, 2005.

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    Where's a good place for n scale vehicles? I'm looking for something budget minded that won't break the bank. Also...where do I find decent priced n scale tractor-trailers for my industries? I have some micro machines and some of those speedy's with the ball in them from walmart, but im looking for something that looks a little more realistic, not the cartoon look. I see the atlas F-series and Taurus, but I don't feel like shelling out $8 for only two cars...and they're the same color!

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    There were some micro machine "sets" that I bought up a couple of years ago. They was one for construction, fire-emergency and something else. The were very close to N-Scale and very reasonable. With a little weathering they will look really good. Once I haul the boxes in I will get a picture of them and post it.


    ...back in the day...when Model Expo still sold train stuff..they were the place to get really great deals on Nscale vehicles...(Classic Metal works) you kinda have to look around...eBay is a good starting point...I have found alot of good deals there as well
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    Hobby Lobby clearances the Mini Metals line regularly.
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    Another option is MBKlein, aka They have the Lineside resin vehicles going for 1.79 a car. I believe they're undecs, but there's a fairly good selection, and its more than just the 1940s, 50s, and early 60s.
  9. Will_annand

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    What if you are looking for vehicles from 1880-1900? :D
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    look at Musket Minitures nice pewter horse and wagons, ox and wagons, I bought 10 of their kits, very happy with them.
    If you want cars and trucks (Ford 1917 & 1920's ) look at Micron Art ( photoetched brass. These are rather expensive but the detail is incredible. The first one you build is rather intimidating but after one the rest are easy. I have about 12 of these including the Mack Fire Truck, haven't tackled the assembly of that one yet!

  11. sams

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    the 1890s-1900 miniatures...
    are they true 1:160 scale?
    i somehow suspect they may be more like 1:144 or so.
  12. Will_annand

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    on the Musket miniatures website it says they are 10mm.
    Anyone know how that relates to scale?
  13. Catt

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    Will,I don't know what they mean by 10mm ,but 10mm is about 5'3" in N scale.
  14. G Pfeifer

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    Musket Minitures

    I suspect that Sams is right, that these are closer to 1:144. They do look slightly larger when placed next to a Micron Art Vehicle. I just mae sure that I don't put them in close proxcimity.

    Actually I have vehicles from 3 different Mfg's, and noneare the same size. I suspect that if I bought from a 4th one they might also be a different size.

  15. sams

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    i suspect that the "10mm scale" refers to miniatures (wargamming).
    20mm, if memory serves me, is roughly 1:72...
    it is equated with HO, and some use it as such.
    so then, 10mm would be 1:144, "close enough" for n scale.
    (actually, i think some u.k. manufacturers use, or used, the 1:144 ratio for their n-scale)

    one problem with the gaming miniatures...
    and this is as you mentioned.
    although they may be of the "same scale" they will still vary.
    e.g. 15mm...will actually range from 14-18mm depending on the manufacturer...
    i guess, being used for gaming, they aren't as particular of true scale?
    how they convert miniatures mm to ratio scale, memory fails me :(
    hopefully someone else can fill in.

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