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  1. tetters

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    You're the Vancouver SkyTrain!
    While most people are trying to nail you down, you prefer to leave things up in the air. Some people think that you must just be on one track, but you know there are at least two main tracks you're trying to follow in life. After all, you're trying to get something accomplished, not just serve as a token person for a small niche. If you were a type of shoe, it would be platform.


    I did it again answered a little differently and got this one...I must have a thing for commuter trains,

    You're the Shanghai Transrapid!
    Obsessed with magnets and the general study of physics, people have often accused you of being a little nerdy. This time it's paid big dividends, however, as you've proven that something others only speculated about can be done. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, you've come up with something creative and yet simple and practical. Taking a brief break from science, you are sometimes known to meditate as well, achieving slight levitation when you really focus.

    hmmm....I do see a lot of GO trains here in T.O....I wonder???
  2. CJTK1701

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    That's odd, I'm a DC Metro. :confused:

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