Finally, the 4-8-4

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by jr switch, Nov 21, 2006.

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    KD does sell conversion kits to replace the truck mounted horn-hooks with their couplers. It takes a little work, but I found it to be worth it..And it was fun...Sort of....
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    Hey jr switch,

    That photo was from the Bachmann website of the particular engine your purchased. It's probably a photo of an earlier run they did so there are some detail differences (such as the un-blackened rims).

    Personally I think I like polished rims too... I thought the anodized rims on my Broadway Limited Imports NYC Hudson 4-6-4 looked a bit too drab too. But I''m hesitant to start messing with that $129 loco. :D

    Do post some before-and-after photos after you have done the polishing! :thumb:
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    Tom, I'm afraid that I don't have any other pictures of this locomotive at the present time, and no way of taking more until early next year. I'll be glad to post some pictures when they're available, though. The Tyco covered hopper was a fairly long (54'?) ACF type that had been damage by the sun while on display in a hobbyshop window. The part that I used was the curved outside edges of the top of the hopper, which I used to make the rolled-under bottom edge of the water cistern. (the part below the flat sides and above the pedestal sideframes.)
    John, I converted mine to a coal tender by opening the top of the oil tank area and constructing a bunker inside, using sheet styrene, so that I could use loose "coal". My road has no oil-fired locos. I believe that the Santa Fe did have some coal-burning Northerns, but someone with more knowledge of that road will have to fill us in on whether any of them had the eight-wheel trucks. I should also note that I shortened the tender considerably when I rebuilt it.

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    Since I was busy adding the photos back into this thread, I thought that I might as well add a few more shots of the 501.



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    I love what you've done with 501. I can certainly recognize where it came from, but it no longer looks Santa Fe. That's an interesting centipede tender, not quite like any real one.

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