Finally, got some progress made!

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by trainsteve2435, Oct 19, 2006.

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    Very nice looking!

    Just an FYI, you've got some large sections of track with no railroad ties to keep the track in gauge. Be mindful of this, especially around curves. As temperature and humidity changes, track will change dimensions and the sections with no ties will go out of gauge easily. Ask me how I know this. :)
  2. Thanks jasonboche, im planning on going back and filling in those gaps with ties, but it is good to know that humidity will affect even the smallest of things like rail were there is no ties. I would never had thought that. Thanks again for the info!:thumb:
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    Wow, what fun to see a progress in the works...

    It's a beaut! Steve....
  4. Thanks guys for all the kind words and encouragement, it really helps. I wii post some more pics later!:wave:
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    Ok I would like to add that you have done a great job adding the backdrop. One look at your layout now and you can really tell the difference that a backdrop makes.

    Now If I can add a suggestion to your plan I think you will like the outcome of what I have in mind.

    First for me to really get an idea of what your layout has I would need to see a trackplan and see what your working with. It seems to me you have a staging yard behind that one backdrop which is really cool.

    So with that being said I suggest you make those backdrops even higher so that you cant see the other side of the layout which will create the illusion of a longer run.

    All you have to do is cut in 2x2 holes beside your benchwork and throw some 2x2 posts in there and add the backdrop to both sides. this will let you make it a few feet high and if you really wanted too you could add a top and have the lighting all in closed.

    I would make this higher backdrop run to the end of your layout so you can hide the cut threw the back drop with a mountain or a highway overpass and not have to have the mountain go around the curve. Also make the backdrop connect to your staging yard so you dont have that GAP in the wall.

    If you need help with some track plans or need me to sketch out the vision of the "higher backdrop" just let me know.

    My 2 cents
  6. gottaBreal

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    Also if you wanna drop a bridge in your layout im sure you can just Cut out a section and Lower It. Very easy task...again let me know if u need help.
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    And just looking at your trackplan I would suggest doing double track mainline all the way around. That way you can just sit back and have trains going bothways and all you do is relax. It looks to me that you have the layout space and the $$$ to make it a 2 track mainline with some nice switching areas. If you got a trackplan post it up Id like to work with it and see what you are able to get out of it.
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    Trying to get an idea of how your layout is set up. I found your track plan overview but im not sure its the same size. If you can plz do a quick MS paint of your layout so i can get a idea of your track plan and what you can do with it.
  11. OK, after much thought, i finally made some more progress today. I added an ADM grain elevator and a few warehouse flats. Please tell me what you think, or what you might change. Thanks once again!

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  12. And two more..........:wave:

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    lookin really nice, cant wait to see more.
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    Looks Great when you gonna hook up the Trackplan?
  15. Thanks guys, and ill post the track plan when i finally figure out how to draw it. This has been kind of a trial and error thing, with a friend that knows all about operation. Me, i dont know that much, so i depend on him and his approval before i comit anything permanent. Thants why its takeing me so long, but its going. Keep the comments coming and thanks!
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    I was thiniking more of a picture of your benchwork rather than a detailed trackplan. In another post you had a trackplan which was already drawn out however after further review I found that this was in fact not your layout but maybe where you got your ideas for your layout. It didnt look the correct size either so maybe you could just hook me the size of your benchwork with that picture in a simple program like MSpaint.

    Then I can give you a idea of what you can do.
  17. OK, here is a rough MS paint drawing of my benchwork. Its not to scale, but the measurements are correct. Please see what you can do with it, im open to all suggestions! Thanks!:wave:

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    First thing i noticed was I have no clue how wide your islands are. 2'5" they look to me maybe 2feet....???
  19. Sorry, the islands are 61.5" wide each.:oops:
  20. gottaBreal

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    lol maybe you have had as many sunday pops as me but im talking about the width of the islands...I know the 61.5" but i dont know the size of the area where you have installed the guessing 2 feet 6 inch

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