Finally, got some progress made!

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    Trainsteve----can you back up far enough from the whole layout and get some more shots of the complete thing so that we can come up with suggestions for poss locations for a river and bridges? I have already decided i want one of those tall complex wooden trestles on my own layout and judging by what you have done so far, you should be able to come up with a beauty! But, where to put it?--love your staging yard--John R
  2. jr switch, yes, i will post some more pics in a little bit. Thanks for the input to everyone.:wave:
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    Great stuff, do you have a track plan?? Keep them pics coming.
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    Looks solid. Hope to see more :)
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    Just tuned in to this thread. Looking good so far. The backdrop down the middle will provide more modeling opportunities. Cement plant on one side, who knows what on the other side. Santa Fe hauled a lot of grain so an elevator might work for you. You must have somewhere else to store tools and supplies as mine are in all of the blank spots on the layout. Just a comment, it's not always easy to tell from pictures, but is there enough clearance between the track and partition in the original photos 3 & 4 for fingers? I had a problem with that on a previous layout.
  6. Thanks everyone for your comments and encouragement. I hope to have some new pictures posted today of my newest progress and hopefully get some more suggestions from you fine bunch of folks. Willie, good question, so i went and actually checked the clearance between the backdrop and the inside track to see if i can get my fingers in there, and luckily, no problem. I guess im lucky, considering i didnt think to check that in the beginning. Thanks again everyone, and be on the look out for more pics later today!
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    Possible backdrop suggestion

    Trainsteve, looking at the pics of your layout again--possibly you could gradually start with slight elevations, 1", maybe 2 or 3 inch foam or whatever and build up a slope or small hills up to the backdrop and have underbrush and trees with that section of the backdrop surface covered with a forest or mountain scene---then you could do logging operation in the foreground, or a farm, resort, campground etc. with the trees and brush to hide the transition from top of rise to vertical backdrop. Your cement plant is great , but it does use up a lot of room. One of the others suggested a grain elevator and I agree cause then you get to do at least two sidings and some killer weathering with maybe an abandoned, rusted grain car with weeds all around it. Sound like fun? Just a suggestion or two, keep going and show us your progress----John R
  8. John, thanks for the ideas. So basically what your saying is that i should forget about useing the cement plant and go for a smaller industry such as a grain elevator? I was planning on useing one on my layout somewhere, but just wasnt sure where. Does anyone else think i shouldnt use the big cement plant? I need your honest opinions before i go any further. Thanks!
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    You could always shorten that conveyor up on the cement plant to make it fit into a smaller spot, just a thought :thumb:
  10. OK everyone, here are some update pictures. They show how the cement plant fits and the track arrangement, as well as some over all views of the track and bench work. There are a couple of pictures of the proposed Glacier Gravel Plant on the other side of the back drop. Please let me know what you all think, as well as any suggestions or comments. Thanks!:wave:

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  11. Heres a couple more!

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    No,No,No, keep the cement plant--

    Trainsteve----keep the cement plant! It's great, I just meant that if you have another big sprawling industry on the other side of the devider, you won't have much room for trees, woods, a stream etc., bridges and so on----What is that other structure you have standing by itself? Whatever it is, it's cool looking. J R
  13. Thanks jr switch, the other building is the Walthers glacier gravel company. Any ideas for where i could place a nice little bridge? I have the Walthers single track deck bridge which measures about 20" long. Thanks!
  14. Well, im stuck! I cant really figure out how to run the rest of the track work in order to tie the other side of the layout into what i have done already. Anyone have any ideas? I have tried ti sit down and draw it out, but i dont just want to lay track to be laying it, i want it to be operational and have a purpose. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to suggest, i need all the help i can get. Thanks!:rolleyes:
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    Looking good! As far as track planning ... no idea.
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    Looks good so far more pics, I like seeing work in progress.
  17. Sorry! Had a brain strain?
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    I think that those look great Steve:thumb: :thumb:

    I really like the placement of the cement plant

    BTW, the Glacier Gravel Company looks good too, cant wait to see some more pictures.

    Keep it up the great work:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  19. Hello again everyone, just a few more pics of some progress today. Thanks Josh for your kind words, and thanks to everyone else for all of your compliments and suggestions. These pictures will show my proposed location of my tunnel and mountain cut, as well as the track work for the new glacier gravel company and some track work on around to the other side of the layout. If anyone has any suggestions for improvement, please let me know now before i get too far along. Thanks for your time and input!:wave:

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  20. And just a couple more.......

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