Finally Got An Airbrush!!!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by bigsteel, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. bigsteel

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    hey guys i finally got a new airbrush.I used the gift card and check my father gave to me to buy an airbrush which ive always wanted but like most of us had no moneysign1 it is a paasche vl-2 its a great airbrush with a smallest width paint line as 1/32 of an inch!!!it was only 250 dollars for a whole kit except an air compressor:cry: but the best thing so far ho scale replica of the CINCINNATIAN from my local RR club at my home town union terminal in cinci cost me 600 DOLLARS!!! but it was worth it .its handmade with DCC and has digitrax sound decoder.i feel it was worth it being 1 of only 100something they have made.but so far all this christmas money has come in handy!!:thumb: so i just wanted to announce the best christmas ever for me:wave:

    P.S hope yall had as much luck as i did he he he.
  2. Cannonball

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    That airbrush will come in handy for a lot of projects both in and outside of model RR. I've thought about getting one a few times but other stuff has always taken priority. Perhaps one of these days....
  3. green_elite_cab

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    Yeah, airbrushes are amazing.

    for less than $20, you can get canned air for your airbrush, which is what i'm currently using. For another $20 you can buy a large general purpose tank (similar to what you might have in a barbeque) that you can fill with air from a larger compressor (this is probably a better option for me, my dad has a bunch of big compressors), and then just get the regulators to keep the pressure at what you need.


    You can get a testors Airbrush set for $20 at walmart. I have one, and it has given me almost no trouble. It certainly breaks the law of you get what you pay for. the only problem i've had is sometimes air will escape from the end that screws into the air source, but it doesn't usually effect the brush itself. for $120, they sell a mini compressor for it, but you wouldn't have get it immeadiately, as the set comes with a can of air.

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