Final Track Plan Wasn't So Final

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Hoss, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Hoss

    Hoss Member construction on my layout progresses I occasionally have a brainstorm and run back into the computer to make some modifications to what was SUPPOSED to be my final track plan.

    I'm at it again. :rolleyes:

    First of all, here is what was supposed to be my final track plan before:

    Well, the thought suddenly occured to me that if I lowered the elevation of the hidden staging to an elevation of 0", I could easily tie the BNSF branch line and the UP interchange line into the staging yard...making it appear that they do indeed go somewhere (which some here recommended). So, the UP interchange and the BNSF branch line now disappear into tunnels and go to the staging yard.

    While I was at it, I also ran the outside mainline AROUND the hidden staging, giving me the appearance of having a single main over the "summit". Note that the hidden main holds an elevation of 2" while the staging holds an elevation of 0". The now "single" main continues to climb reaching the "summit" at 3".

    I also made some minor changes to the southern industry area.

    Here is the new "final" track plan:

    Now...finally....just help everyone see what I have in mind, I dashed the lines of what will be hidden it hidden in a tunnel or hidden behind what will be a removable backdrop (blue line). I also sketched in some scenery to help illustrate the future tunnel areas. Here's this:


    It should be noted that I intend for the tunnel covering the staging yard lead running around the west end to have a removable top so I can get to any trains that have problems in that long tunnel. The rest of them I should be able to access easy enough without removing any mountains.

    Well....have I gone and overdone it or what??
  2. Arlaghan

    Arlaghan Member

    The only thing I can think to say is that I would probably lose the tunnel on the upper left. If it's at the same elevation as the two tracks next to it, you might have a hard time making the surrounding "mountain" or "hill" (or whatever will go there) as the tracks are awful close together. You would pretty much have a vertical wall there so the train can clear it.

    EDIT: OK, I looked at it a bit closer... doesn't look like they are at the same elevation. Just take it as a caution then. I'm not sure what the exact difference in elevation will be there, but it looks like a good portion at least will be below the other two tracks. Just be sure to have access to every inch of track along that tunnel if you decide to stick with it. ;)

    Otherwise, I think you have a fine plan! I like how you "disappear" those tracks off into the staging area. There's also plenty of room for scenery, ESPECIALLY since the staging area will be "underground". This means you have the entire area above it to put whatever you like... say a town or whatever. :)

    Then again, what do I know? :oops: :p :rolleyes:
  3. Hoss

    Hoss Member

    Regarding that tunnel, the double mainline adjacent to the track you're speaking of starts into a 2% grade shortly after clearing the turnouts where the staging yard lead connects to the mainline. It will be at a height of 2" by the time it works its way around to the backside. I may have to play around with this a bit as I was kind of wondering if I had enough room there to make it look right myself.

    Hey...I hadn't thought of putting the staging "underground". I was planning for it to just be behind a removable backdrop. You might be onto something with that though. Hmmmm....:thumb:
  4. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member


    That's not a trackplan, Hoss...That's artwork! If I may ask, what program did you use to create this?
  5. SD90

    SD90 Active Member

    "Final Track Plan Wasn't So Final"

    Ha Ha, how many of us know what that is like?! Is the final track plan ever Final???? I thought I had mine all figured out once the track was down, and now I'm changing it all again!

  6. Hoss

    Hoss Member

    Just to make things a little more interesting...

  7. Hoss

    Hoss Member

    Re: Cool!

    Awww shucks... :oops:

    Actually, there wasn't much to it. I developed the track plan and benchwork plan using Atlas Right Track. I then printed it out on a color printer, scanned the print out and saved it as a JPEG file. After that I just opened it up in Paint and used Paint to do all the scenery and such.

    SD90, that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid!! My last layout I wasted a LOT of WS foam risers because I kept changing my mind about how I wanted the track plan. This time I'm determined to stick with something....although so far I haven't been very good about that. At least I haven't changed anything that is already glued down. ;)
  8. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Hoss, wee used to have a "law" a work that if you took a report, computer program, or printout and wrote "FINAL" on it, you would guarantee that the client would be back with changes the next week.
    It was how we kept in business. :wave:
    Then, I was once sent to a client with the note that this was the "ante-pre-penultimate" report.
    Have you just changed one of your interchange tracks into the main access to the storage yard?
  9. Cinnibar

    Cinnibar Member



    I certainly agree with everybody about “Final” not being all that final. However you have to have an idea where to start and your plan looks like a good start to me.

    Very clever idea to use “Paint” with “RightTrack”!

    A problem I encountered: I have East and West staging tracks under hinged tops and both are very accessible. They are laid with Atlas flex code 80. I have found that ‘Murphy’s Law’ prevails in each of these staging areas. Re-railing cars on close centered staging tracks can be a real bear (especially with bifocals) . After a few re-rail disasters (just wanted to put one box car back on the track - bumped the train next to it, a domino affect took place and 12 reefers went on their sides) I knew I had to do something better in both staging areas.

    Highly Recommended Solution: Put re-railer tracks at about 6" from entrances, 6" from end-of-tracks and one in the middle of each track. This fix makes “adjustments” on staging tracks a WHOLE BUNCH EASIER!
  10. Arlaghan

    Arlaghan Member

    Re: Staging

    Great idea! Listen to this guy! :) Another indispensable tool to have handy is the Kato car railing tool. It's a blue ramp looking piece of plastic that you sit on top of the rails that works like a funnel. You place the car on the ramp and it rolls onto the rails perfectly every time. It's a must have! While Kato unitrack (it's intended purpose) is code 80, it still works on Atlas code 55 - it just sits a little higher. As long as the track is straight, the cars should roll onto the rails just fine.

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