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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Dave Harris, Apr 9, 2001.

  1. Dave Harris

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    Frank Burke, My friend, mentor, and C.E.O. of the Toole Springs & Western RR, made his final run 4:30 AM PST April 6, 2001. I will miss him, as will many others.

    L V Dave
  2. Virginian

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    Dear Dave,
    I don't know you, except by your posts and replys on the-gauge, but I would like to offer my deepest sympathy.
    I didn't know your friend either, but from the helpful and kind nature of all I've read, he must have been a very good, kind man to have been your friend and mentor.
    All the best to you and his other friends and his family in this very difficult time.
    Lenny, the 'Virginian'
  3. Dave Harris

    Dave Harris Member

    Thank you, Virginian. I know that most of you do not know who Frank Burke is, I just had such an empty, lost feeling that such a man can pass so quickly, only a moment separates two worlds. It seemed at least some way to alter the reality of the difference that moment makes .no other tribute would be appropriate for a man who registered his first RR name with NMRA in 1943& has loved trains all his life. If you wish to acquaint yourself with Frank, look in Railroad Model Craftsman ,June -85 or April -96 , He & the Toole Springs & Western were featured in both issues. Thank You Again VGn for your kindness. Dave

    L V Dave
  4. I thought that the names was familiar. I have the RMC for '96 and I'll look it up.

    I can feel for your loss. In my case, I was the mentor to a younger man who had a massive heart attack. I still miss him and remember him every time I drive by the house where he lived. He was a good modeler who could have become a great modeler.

    My condolences to you.


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