"Final" pics of my loco kitbashing

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    As mentioned on another thread (http://www.the-gauge.com/showthread.php?t=27827), I've been converting a Hornby E2 LBSC Jinty into an ex-LMS 3F. Well, I've pretty much finished it, although I might try to improve 1-2 things.

    There are several discrepancies. One being that I couldn't lower the body or boiler as that would have been a lot of work for my first real kitbashing project. I really struggled with the number decals, manuevering such small objects into the correct place took a lot of patience. I also realize that the numbers on the front of the loco are far too large, which I'll have to correct.

    Here are some pics showing the finished project (for pics of the beginning of the project, please see the link above). I took some shots showing the loco on my layout -- it looks much better from a distance, hauling coaches and surrounded by scenery! Showing it next to my Collett and 2P locos also adds some context.

    I used some black mylar plastic in a couple places. FYI, I work for a magazine and this mylar is from an old piece of film back when we used to use film. I had some kicking around my office at work which I was going to throw out. I realized that the black of this mylar was practically identical to black paint of this loco, so I successfully managed to use it in a couple places. I was quite pleased with myself for recylcing this plastic and putting it to good use!

    Overall, I'm pleased with my result but I'm curious to hear your feedback!

    Thanks so much,

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  2. fsm1000

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    Cool pics. I read the other thread. I think you did a great job all around. Thanks :)
  3. RobertInOntario

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    Thanks! I think the biggest problems are that the smoke stack is actually crooked (I had to make it taller -- maybe I can fix this later) and the cellophane windows on the front are so-so. Also, the numbers on the front are too large but I can easily fix that. But I'm really pleased with the paint job, decals and how I reshaped the coal bunker.

    I'll check out your website as well.
    May God bless,
  4. berraf

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    Really god job :thumb:
    And fantastic pictures. I really like the threesome pictures :)

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