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    Awesome and impressive work!

    Howver, I wished they had stayed with the original colour. :)
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    I painted classic cars back in 1988, and having to mix paint to match those colors is very difficult. not impossible, but very difficult. to me the enterprise is light blue, white, grey, or a light grey green. because that's what I saw on the screen. if I had to paint my own? I would choose confederate grey. with regular grey detailing for the dark parts. if I were to '' reboot'' my own paint job, I would go with normal warm grey, and black, with copper and brass. all energy domes and panels electric blue, and the windows white. no pie cut lines on the bottom of the hull, although I like that, its not my favorite. really weak poorly lit blue in the grills. I would also move the running lights on the dish back to a 10 and 2 o'clock position.
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    This video is a tribute to the ship that took us to "walk arround" across the galaxy . . .
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    The original one was green-grey, the Ent-D and Voyager were light-blue. It's difficult to imagine the ships in their true colours because of the desaturation done in post-prouction / editing. Most of them looked light-grey on screen after that. Some colour choices were made to avoid possible interferences with the blue / green screen process. That was the reason, too, why cockpit did not use any "glass" in it and why most models had to be dull-coated (the reflections caused "blue spill" which ruined the shots). Glass effects (canopies) were done using double-exposure. One of the few models with a shiny finish (and cockpit glass) was the sled from the "Buck Roger" episode "Olympiad".
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    one of the best blue screens on tv I have seen is the land of the lost holly riding dopey. you have got
    1. holly moving around yelling pretending to ride a dinosaur
    2. the animated baby bronto dopey
    3. parts of the miniature set
    4. parts of the live set.
    people laugh at it, but man those guys sure tried!!!!
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    Another great one can be seen in the TOS BSG episode "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part 1" when the Cylon Raider is attacking the Colonial demolition team right before the Landram is deployed. You see the Raider in the background firing some shots when the Colonials are taking cover. The scene is just a few seconds long but you don't see any black lines around the ship!
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    I have decided to make this a "STICKY"!

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