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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by csxengineer, Dec 15, 2004.

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    MIND BLANK. NEED HELP. This space is about 2' x 2' and is part of my N scale layout. Don't even bother asking what I want, because I change my mind a million times. The nearby part of the layout is still undecide, but most likely a steel mill, rolling mill, or power plant will be there. I just put a right hand switch and a piece of flextrack branching off of the main into this area. Era is 80's through today. Pennsylvania for locale.

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    Backdrop not attached to wall, just temporarily taped there. I also dont need a fueling facility there.
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    Currently this is next to retaining wall. What do you think? How can I improve this scene? Should I remove it and put in walthers rolling mills or a blast furnace insted? The layout is a 10' x 11' U shape. Should I make it a single industry layout or try to make it go from town to town?

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    right corner

    some progress on right side, down from powerplant.

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    You could put in any kind of industry you would like I would probably make it something complimentary maybe a coalyard for the powerhouse??? I would also add a few small out buildings to that structure as storage/powerhouse?? for product and add some more details as well People cars trucks crates junk. I also would not wait to much longer to do your backdrop as your structures are soon going to interfere with your ability to get to it. Pat
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    Perhaps on that raised area some "lower end" homes. Give it a "Company Built" look. Like the Power Plant Company put them there for the workers. Perhaps even some steps down to the Plant.
    Have a narrow road come from the room corner and "T" at the wall. Put in some homes as said before. Maybe even a General store at the corner or a "newer" corner store. By having the homes seem "company built" it gives the area history.
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    If I may make a suggestion, What I would do with that corner is to put in a mountain. This would add a nice separation on the layout, and as far as I can see, you don't have any mountains yet. You could make some nice cliffs and tunnels.

    Once your mountain was there, you could put a mine or some other rural biz there.

    TrainClown :)
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    TC, don't forget the Ski resort near the top.
    Also the chair lifts to bring skiers back up.
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    Lackawanna coal mine......

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