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  1. Nick L.

    Nick L. New Member

    Hello everybody,
    I'm trying to branch out into other model subject matter (besides rockets), and one of the biggest sticking points for me is measuring two curved pieces so that they match up. Right now, I'm using the drawing feature in Microsoft Word, which is fine for rockets (just cylinders and cones basically), but isn't good for much else since it doesn't show how long the curves are. I'm finding that trying to design much else involves a lot of printing, building, and fixing mismatches.

    Do you have a technique for figuring how long a curved segment is, or is it all just trial-and-error? Or better, is there a program that can tell how long the curves it generates are?

    Either would really be helpful, and would be much appreciated.

  2. barry

    barry Active Member

    Download metsequoia read Keith's articles play with it (and it's free) it's the only way to learn. Then if you want spend a lot of money buy something more exotic.

    Equally look at Siatki on Gremir's site I use that mainly for producing cylinders and standard parts because it gives a cleaner outline than Metsequoia costs under $50.
  3. Kangur

    Kangur New Member

    There is great plug in for Adobe Illustrator : Hot door - CAD tools.
    It does lots of useful things. It's free to try.
    There is also FoldUP! 3D from the some developer. Great and very useful plugin to check model design but its expensive.
  4. keith

    keith Member

    With 2D vector graphics,
    If you make a pattern brush or use a segmented line, you could count how many segments are in the line.

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