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    this is my first try to make small figures. This are test builds, just wanted to know how small i'm able to scratchbuild them.

    Question :
    is there any source to find some examples in 1/250 ?

    searching here gave no result what i am looking for.

    Is someone else "making" very small figures ?

    I know juniorgeneral, but rescaling them gave not an good result, as they are to detail painted. Shrinking them gave nothing else than an colour blob.

    my figures here are about 7.5mm or 0.275 inch high. That is about 1 to 250. Example pictures are from an ordinary soldier and astronaut.
    Painting is done freehand.

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    part 2

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    wow.. that is interesting.

    I've thought about trying to make a small scale Napoleon armies but mainly just as paper 'flats' format.
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    Hello Valmy,

    thank you for reply. The sailors are downloaded and gave me new ideas.

    ...and i am from old europe. Germany.

    best regards

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