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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Virginian, Mar 29, 2001.

  1. Virginian

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    Hi y'all
    I'm building a platic kit of a "Goodfellows Hall building. I'd like to put some figures mabe a Dance, with musicians on the band stand, and maybe square dancers 'whirlin' around(let's not get into tryin' to animate them, just yet [​IMG] ). Or a meeting of townsfolk in progress. Does anyone know of H0 figures that might work?
    This project is for the club layout...hence HO..
    If not, I think I'll call a special election and make it a polling place!!!
    Thanks for any ideas.
    VGN [​IMG] (Really bright out today!!)

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  2. Dave Harris

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    VGN, got a Walthers catalog? Preiser makes people for all occasions, try checking them out. Who was that "D" for in the bit about animation? What time period are you setting this in? A square dance would be difficult to animate if you have sound with it because of the caller going on & the dancers having to progress to his calls. If you have no sound, it's a different story ,a simple Do-Si-Do could be done with slowly rotating magnets under the male partner of each couple, hooked thru a 555 timer to activate every 20 seconds for one Do-Si-Do. Another thing that could be done with more or less continuous action & include a band could be a roller skating night at the hall, if your time frame is right. This could be done with under floor magnets also. Sorry I know you said no animation but I just couldn't help myself, animation is the only thing I like better than Shays.------Dave

    L V Dave
  3. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    Hi Dave, and thanks
    Easy axcess to Walthers at my favorite Model shop. I'll check on line too. I'll wait on the animation...I really just want to get some figures for the time being. Once SCMRS, Sonoma County (California) Model Railroad Society) gets settled in a new building next year, we can play with gettin' the little folk to kickin' up their heals! [​IMG] But thanks for the good ideas...they're headin' for my files!
    see ya!
  4. Drew1125

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    Hey Virginian!
    Dave's right, Preiser has the best & biggest selection of figures. I know that they make one set of some kind of musical group or band. Don't know if it's anything you could use or not.
    If you're populating a whole layout, you're going to go broke in a hurry buying those pre-painted figures.
    OK, I'm checking Walther's right now, & I see about a half-dozen musical-type groups/bands. These are European prototypes, but you might find something that would work.
    As far as the rest of the crowd, I would advise you to buy the unpainted sets, & paint them yourselves. These are MUCH cheaper, & if it's a club effort, I would think you could make prett short work of an entire town.
    Have Fun!
  5. George

    George Member

    Dancers and a band?

    M E R T E N.


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